7 Scenes From Our Favorite Movies That Changed When Shown in Different Countries

It's hard to believe that in the era of computer technology when it is possible to shoot a journey around the world against a backdrop of chromakey, such acting parts still exist that demand the text to be learned in 15 different languages. And though the line wasn't that long, Vin Diesel did a great job. Can you guess which character we're talking about?

Here at Bright Side, we've decided to find out which movie adaptations turned out way different than their original versions.

Guardians of the Galaxy, 2014

Of course, all of you guessed that the character who speaks 15 languages is in fact, Groot. During Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show, Vin Diesel said "I am Groot" in French, Spanish, and Mandarin. Despite the professional dubbing, there's nothing better than hearing Groot's original voice in your native language!

Iron Man 3, 2013

The production of this movie was implemented by three studios: The Walt Disney Company (USA), Marvel Studios (USA) and DMG Entertainment (China). The version that was released in China was four minutes longer than its original version. In the Chinese version, local beautiful landscapes were added in addition to scenes featuring Beauty Queen Fan Bingbing and Chinese actor, Xueqi Wang; as well as the product placement of a dairy product from Mongolia.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, 2007

The active political actor, Yun-Fat Chow made his presence in the Chinese version of Pirates much shorter. China is his native country, but they have long stopped being friends. That's why some of his scenes were removed, as well as his artful rendition of Li Bai's poem.

The Wolf of Wall Street, 2013

In this Martin Scorsese film, the F-word is repeated so many times, that when the movie was released in the UAE, its entire length was shortened by 45 minutes. Did the movie lose its emotional heat for UAE spectators? Most likely. On the other hand, they could watch it without jerking every time they heard another rude expression.

Pulp Fiction, 1994

Sometimes a movie can be edited ever so slightly while still ruining the entire perception of the story. It could make sense if it made the movie better. However, in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Pulp Fiction was released without Tarantino's trademark cuts which made the storyline smooth and banal.

Pride & Prejudice, 2005

It turns out that the original version of the movie that was released all over the world had no kiss between Darcy and Elizabeth because it didn't correspond to Austen's novel ending, generating great resentment among British spectators. This alternative finale was made by director Joe Wright specifically for the American audience.

Titanic, 1997

When the 3-D version of Titanic was released in China, it encountered a lot of criticism from moral citizens who considered Kate Winslet's nude scene too overtly sexual. They recommended that James Cameron cover the actress with something. The director respected their opinion and agreed to change this scene specifically for the Chinese audience.

Have you ever seen a film change depending on which country it was played in? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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