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A Powerful Viewpoint That Explains Why We Can’t Really Stand Dolores Umbridge

There are quite a lot of cruel and annoying characters that fans hate in the Harry Potter series. Voldemort, Peter Pettigrew, the Dursleys, the Malfoys, Rita Skeeter — we are sure that all true fans have their own shovel list. But it seems that there is one figure that is believed to be the absolute worst, and, surprisingly, it’s not Voldemort, but Dolores Umbridge. And we found an intriguing explanation for this fact.

We at Bright Side were taken aback by this simple truth. And we are sure you will also agree with it.

“Hem, hem...” We believe that these words still make all Harry Potter fans furious. But it seems a little bit illogical to focus all of our anger at an ordinary professor who only appeared in the fifth part of the series and didn’t murder a lot of people. However, there is no smoke without fire, and Umbridge actually deserves it.

There’s no doubt that Voldemort is pure evil and does terrible things to spread his power throughout the world. But none of us have had to fight against dark forces, met a professor with 2 faces, or watched numerous friends and relatives die in front of us. He committed lots of crimes, but everything about him is so fantastical and distant to us that it seems like we read about dinosaurs who used to roam the Earth in the newspaper.

But Dolores Umbridge is a completely different story. She represents the worst things that we have to deal with in real life every day. She can be recognized in so many people around us — that insane teacher who made you feel miserable in front of the whole class because of a little mistake or the manager who makes you stay late at work. There are always people in higher positions that we have no power over or no right to fight with, and Umbridge is the nightmare that reminds us about the fact that we are weak next to them.

So, Voldemort is a bad guy, but he is from a fairy tale and there is no way we could meet him in reality (at least we hope not). But Umbridge is personal, she is relatable to almost all of us. We meet lots of Dolores’s every day and it’s impossible to just close the book or turn the TV off in order to avoid them.

Do you agree with this point of view? Is there anyone around you who reminds you of Dolores Umbridge?

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