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How the Actors From the Iconic Series “The Clone” Have Changed Over 20 Years, and What They’re Doing Now

The Clone is a Brazilian telenovela that ran in the 2000s and almost everyone became hooked on it. And now, nearly 20 years later, when we think about this famous melodrama, we involuntarily start recalling the beautiful Jade, her beloved Lucas, and picturesque Moroccan streets.

Bright Side has decided to plunge into the ocean of memories and find out what The Clone stars look like today and what they’ve been up to since the show ended. Spoiler alert: time has no power over these actors!

15. Giovanna Antonelli (Jade)

When you look at her new pictures, you understand that neither time nor divorce have power over the actress’s beauty. She’s 43, raising 3 children, has popular social media accounts, and takes part in photoshoots.

14. Murilo Benício (Lucas, Diogo, and Léo)

Murilo Benício takes part in different film projects and is a theatre performer. Critics claim he’s one of the best Brazilian TV actors.

13. Vera Fischer (Yvete)

Vera Fischer was crowned Miss Brazil in 1969 long before appearing in The Clone. Today she’s 68 years old but you wouldn’t know it. If you looked at her in The Clone and compared that to her recent photos, you’d hardly see any difference. The actress enjoys her free time now and shares wonderful pictures from her luxurious villa.

12. Letícia Sabatella (Latiffa)

The beautiful Letícia Sabatella is a vegetarian and has one daughter. And the actress takes part in films and TV series even today. It’s hard to believe but the kind, bright-eyed Latiffa has also played villains from time to time. Just give the film, India: A Love Story a watch!

11. Dalton Vigh (Said)

The reliable and caring husband of Jade, known as Said played by Dalton Vigh, is popular among women as Murilo Benício. And many people couldn’t understand how the heroine could leave her handsome husband and choose the frivolous Lucas. Vigh continues to act in Brazilian telenovels. And in 2013, the actor appeared in several episodes of O Negócio, created by HBO.

10. Carla Diaz (Khadija)

Carla Diaz who played Jade’s daughter is now 29 years old. The actress is really popular in Brazil and takes part in films and TV series and works as a model.

9. Sthefany Brito (Samira)

You can see Sthefany Brito in many other telenovels, and the latest one was released in 2017. Sthefany also works as a TV host and a model.

8. Daniela Escobar (Maysa)

Daniela Escobar has left her acting career behind but she still works in TV. For many years, she worked as a TV host for the Superbonita program. It’s also worth noting that Daniela has moved to California and still lives there today.

7. Marcello Novaes (Xande)

Marcello Novaes has 2 sons: Diogo (born in 1994) and Pedro (born in 1996) from different marriages, which eventually led to divorce. Today the actor doesn’t like to talk a lot about his private life, though he keeps in touch with both ex-wives. Together with actor Marcelo Serrado, Novaes plays in a band called Os Impossíveis.

6. Nívea Stelmann (Ranya)

Nívea has played in more than 20 different films and series. Today, she’s married to her third husband and has 2 children. By the way, in college, Nívea studied journalism.

5. Cristiana Oliveira (Alicinha)

Cristiana Oliveira is a Brazilian model, actress, and businesswoman. In 2019, after not appearing on-screen for 3 years, she came back to the world of soap operas, taking part in Topíssima. In 2013, the actress became a grandma.

4. Débora Falabella (Mel)

The actress is 40 but she hasn’t changed all that much. In The Clone, Débora Falabella (Mel) and Murilo Benício (Lucas) played daughter and father. But in 2012, they started dating on the set of Brazil Avenue. The actors had been living together for 7 years but last year, they broke up.

3. Eliane Giardini (Nazira)

Eliane Giardini is 67 but it’s really hard to believe this to be true. It’s interesting that before she turned 40, she couldn’t achieve any success in her career, and now she’s considered to be one of the most prominent actors in Brazil.

2. Luciano Szafir (Zein)

Luciano Szafir, who played the handsome Zein, is still as gorgeous as he was in the past. The actor is a family guy now who devotes his free time to his wife and children. He keeps his private life secret and doesn’t share too many photos of his family with the public.

1. Thiago Oliveira (Amin)

Thiago Oliveira is 31 now and travels and takes part in TV series, films, ads, and works in theatre.

Do you like The Clone? Who do you think was the best partner for Jade: Lucas, Said, or Zein?