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How the Stars of ’Charmed’ Look 18 Years Later

Were there any girls out there who weren’t once totally hooked on Charmed, the TV show about three witch sisters with magical powers? We doubt it. We all remember arguing about the important questions it raised — is it better to be able to freeze time, or move objects through telekinesis? We at Bright Side decided to look back on this show and see what its stars look like today.

Piper Halliwell, played by Holly Marie Combs

Leo Wyatt, played by Brian Krause

Phoebe Halliwell, played by Alyssa Milano

Cole Turner, played by Julian McMahon

Paige Matthews, played by Rose McGowan

Darryl Morris, played by Dorian Gregory

Wyatt Halliwell, played by Wes Ramsey

Prue Halliwell, played by Shannen Doherty

Andy Trudeau, played by Ted King

Billie Jenkins, played by Kaley Cuoco

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