Pixar’s great secret that will make you watch all their movies

Jon Negroni, a blogger and movie critic, developed an ingenious theory, according to which all the movies of the amazing Pixar Studio are interconnected. Moreover, they exist in the same movie reality.

Jon wrote a whole book where he detailed his theory and chronologized the movies: it turned out that the events there have their own order and go in sequence. We at Bright Side have tried to outline these theories as briefly as possible.

Well, let’s figure this out!

1. Animals and objects in all Pixar movies can move and talk — and it all started with a witch’s sorcery in Brave

This is where the Pixar Universe begins — in Brave. Thanks to the witch’s magic, animals and even inanimate objects start to behave like people. Then they evolve, becoming more and more smart from one movie to another.

We’re not done with this witch yet. Just keep in mind her and a magic door that makes the witch mysteriously disappear every time she goes through it.

2. Animals become smarter and smarter, and now they can even replace people — like Remy in Ratatouille

Animals in the Pixar Universe develop and form a population of creatures possessing intelligence and personality. This is how the struggle for dominance begins on Earth — between people, animals, and artificial intelligence. By the way, the last one develops simultaneously, and we’ll see how.

3. Charles Muntz, the villain from Up, noticed it and created a collar that reads animals’ thoughts

Perhaps Charles Muntz noticed that animals were becoming more and more intelligent and able to compete with human beings. This gave him the idea to invent a collar that reads dogs’ thoughts.

4. BNL Corporation from WALL-E starts an industrial revolution, due to which Carl from Up loses his home

Cars and other inanimate objects are also developing, and the struggle between them, animals, and people is gaining momentum. To dominate the whole world, the artificial intelligence sector starts the industrial revolution, using the impersonal Buy-n-Large (BNL) Corporation. The corporation grows, and, as we know from the WALL-E commercials, even captures the government. Maybe this is why Carl from Up loses his home, concludes Jon Negroni.

5. We can see the signs of the omnipresent BNL in Finding Nemo and Toy Story

In Finding Nemo, the confrontation between people and animals reaches its limit: intelligent fish get together to rescue a baby fish kidnapped by humans, and BNL appears there with its ’Beautiful Underwater World’ article. BNL is everywhere: in Toy Story it manufactures batteries for Buzz. This fact suggests that artificial intelligence continues to rally against people in the Pixar Universe.

6. Many movies have a mysterious Pizza Planet truck

A Bug’s Life (1), Finding Nemo (2), Monsters, Inc. (3), Cars (4).

In many Pixar movies, there’s an auto with a rocket on its roof — a Pizza Planet truck. And it once again proves that everything happens in the same universe.

7. People lose in the fight with artificial intelligence and move from Earth to ’Axiom’ (WALL-E)

The toys in Toy Story are upset with people who use them and simply forget about them. Machines are also upset because humans pollute the Earth. Machines and other objects try to stand up against people in The Incredibles by controlling an Omnidroid.

In The Incredibles, machines fail, but over time artificial intelligence, using BNL Corporation, forces people to leave the Earth. They move to Axiom, trying to save the human race. But even there machines control people because they entirely depend on technology.

8. People left the Earth, and only intelligent cars stayed here — that’s why there are no humans in Cars

People left the Earth, but there were mechanisms that inherited human traditions and laws: we can see this in Cars. Sadly, when people come back to Earth in WALL-E, there are no intelligent cars left. Perhaps they were destroyed by the energy crisis or ’Allinol’ from Cars 2. For 800 years (this is how much time has passed since people left the Earth, up to the moment when WALL-E helped them to come back) it surely could happen.

9. The plant that grew out of the boot in WALL-E was the same tree from A Bug’s Life

That same tiny plant that rises from the boot during the WALL-E end credits has grown and strengthened. But in A Bug’s Life we see that it developed into a tree, around which the movie’s events are unfolding. The tree is a symbol of hope for a revival.

10. There are few people on Earth, and a civilization of intelligent bugs develops

A roach from WALL-E tells us that bugs survived on this polluted planet. And in A Bug’s Life they form a civilization. There are few people in the world, which is why we hardly meet anyone in the movie — only a boy who picked up a homeless bug, holding it by its wings. Magic that was once embedded in living beings by the witch from Brave bears its fruits: the bugs prosper, and they have cities, bars, circuses, and lots of other things.

11. In the distant future, new species appear: the inhabitants of Monsters, Inc. who travel back in time — to people

Bugs, machines, and people who survived live in harmony, until a new species appears in the Pixar Universe — monsters. Where did they come from? Jon Negroni believes that theу are animals, mutated for many hundreds of years by the Earth’s pollution. And what happened to people? Most likely, they simply didn’t survive.

Monsters are very civilized, and they have their own universities and factories. With doors created by machines, they travel not in other dimensions, but back in time to the heyday of the human civilization to collect the energy emitted by people.

The movie says that Monsters University was created in 1313, but monsters probably ’reset’ civilization and began their own calculation of time. Thus, the Monsters, Inc. events happen in the distant future of the Pixar Universe.

12. The trailer from Monsters, Inc. appears in A Bug’s Life

The trailer looks exactly the same. The only difference is that in A Bug’s Life it was completely dilapidated (we’re in the future). In Monsters, Inc., when Randall goes back in time, it looks brand new, and people live there.

13. The circle completes: Boo, who’s looking for Sully, becomes a witch, goes to the past, and starts the Pixar Universe magic there

Boo loves her ’Kitty’ so much that she searches for him for her whole life. She has mastered magic and used it to create a magical door and to time travel in search of Sully. The witch from Brave is an old Boo. But why is Jon so sure about it?

The witch drew Sully on her workshop wall. Moreover, she created a wooden Pizza Planet truck, which would be weird for a real medieval witch.

It turns out that, according to Jon’s theory, the Pixar Universe is rather a grim place. But this friendship of a girl and a monster, which has no barriers in terms of time, appearance, and species, excuses everything. By the way, the author’s theory has more details and interrelations. If you want to know more about this ingenious web of evidence, follow us to Jon Negroni’s blog.

Based on materials from Jon Negroni's Blog
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