Ten great actresses who brilliantly portrayed famous women

Being an actress requires a lot of effort, as one needs immense composure and self-command to get into character. Nevertheless, it is even more difficult to portray world-famous personalities such as monarchs and great writers.

At Bright Side, we made a list of talented actresses who brilliantly portrayed celebrities in movies.

Queen Victoria and Emily Blunt

'The Young Victoria,' 2009

Grace Kelly and Nicole Kidman

'Grace of Monaco,' 2014

Maria Callas and Fanny Ardant

'Callas Forever,' 2002

Elizabeth I and Cate Blanchett

'Elizabeth,' 1998

Janet Leigh and Scarlett Johansson

'Hitchcock,' 2012

Jane Austen and Anne Hathaway

'Becoming Jane,' 2007

Jean Harlow and Gwen Stefani

'The Aviator,' 2004

Anne Boleyn and Natalie Portman

'The Other Boleyn Girl,' 2008

Tippi Hedren and Sienna Miller

'The Girl,' 2012

Marie Antoinette and Kirsten Dunst

'Marie Antoinette,' 2006

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