Ten movies that show humans can do the impossible

Joys and challenges come to us on their own schedule. Will tomorrow be another ordinary day, or will it entirely change our lives? Who knows. But everyone will have a chance to change and make the impossible come true.

The Bright Side team selected 10 movies in which the main characters decided to ignore all obstacles on their way to their goal.


Life is good. Dr. Martin Harris goes with his wife to Berlin at the International Congress. They go to a luxurious hotel, but it suddenly turns out that one briefcase is left at the airport. Martin takes a cab and rushes to go find what he left behind. But the car suddenly gets in an accident and falls from the bridge, and Martin loses his consciousness ... How many chances does a person have if his or her world is falling apart all at once? Probably, there's no answer. But despite everything, he will fight the unknown. 


A man with a happy family finds himself a random witness of a crime. His wife Jessica is kidnapped. They confine her to an attic, and her only hope to escape is an old cell phone that is hardly working. The criminals leave the woman alone for a while, and she dials the number of a random guy ... What remains for a person who has had to face the abyss? Maybe the ability to hold a stranger's hand tight. The charm of the wonderful Kim Basinger lets the audience feel like they're in the situation themselves. Let's hope the cell phone doesn't go dead!

The Next Three Days

Can a crime drama be touching? While watching this dynamic movie, you'll find a minute to think it over. The main character, John, has a beloved wife and a son. Everything goes as usual, but one morning police officers break into their house and accuse Lara of a murder ... The world turns upside down in an instant. But then only one thing becomes important: their feelings, his trust, and her fate. You will find out what an ordinary teacher can do for the sake of his family.

Tower Heist

This thriller comedy will be relevant as long as the rich who forget eternal values exist in our world. Josh, who manages an elite housing complex, falls victim to the race for wealth, and hе takes his staff along with him. A millionaire stole their money. But how do you fight such a magnate? Maybe just give up? Our character is challenged in this situation. A brilliant and comical team, led by Ben Stiller's character, doesn't want to give in!

The Guardian

When we see someone in trouble, we have a chance to help and look at our own problems from another point of view. Ben Randall has this chance too often, as he's a professional rescue swimmer. But once in a dark hour he'll lose his crew ... How does he overcome this challenge? There's only one way out. If you like the world of courageous deeds and brave men, then you'll like the characters played by Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner.


This movie has a seemingly simple, but unexpected plot. During a flight from Berlin to New York, Kyle figures out that her 6-year-old daughter is missing. The woman just lost her husband, which is why the crew thinks she's just nervous and exaggerates everything. The situation is real nonsense, because all the facts prove that the girl wasn't on board. Now Kyle can rely only on herself to solve the mystery and save her dear daughter. The sincere acting of Jodie Foster won't let you doubt the reality of what's going on.

Eagle Eye

There lived a carefree guy, and he didn't understand why everyone wanted to reach success. Even his ambitious twin brother devotes all his free time to it. But everything changes at once: his successful twin dies in mysterious circumstances, single mother Rachel finds out that her child disappeared ... Now Jerry Shaw will forget about his laziness forever, because his aim is to survive and get his way. During the movie, the audience can feel the reality of what's going on. Work out problems as they come up! 


The world of Cheryl Strayed is falling apart at once — a bad marriage, her mother's death ... she's emotionally exhausted. Then Cheryl decides to find herself. Her brave hike proves that a human being can save not only others, but also herself. She will fight the challenges that her life gives her by challenging herself. The main character who refused the comfort of the city is played by Reese Witherspoon. There's no glamorous make-up bags, just a big backpack, high mountains, and huge hope.

Phone Booth

If a person goes wrong, God always gives you a chance to fix everything. But Stu Shepard has no idea that he'll get a fateful call from a phone booth. Should he answer the phone? But he already did, and the powerful wheel of heaven started with growing force. This movie convinces us that there are a few random things in our lives. Everything matters, even the smallest mistake, even the smallest lie ... But a man can get over everything, even oneself.

The Impossible

Lo imposible

Some would say that only fictional characters have the strength of mind. But the unbelievable events of this movie are based on the story of a real family that was on vacation in Thailand in December 2004. In the first scene, we can see the happy beginning of the Bennets' vacation. The sun is shining, the children are playing, and no one knows that merciless Mother Nature is already coming ... The filmmakers tried to show these events in the smallest details. And the woman, who faced these terrible events, saw in Naomi Watts the reflection of herself. 

Preview photo credit: a shot from the 'Fightplan', Touchstone Pictures

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