We Expose 10 Grand Disney Premieres Over the Next 3 Years

The Disney world is special and wholly consists of small masterpieces. Many generations all over the world have already grown up on its stories. Together with the main characters, we cried, laughed, and learned the most important things.

The Bright Side's team is eagerly awaiting every new release, and we're sure it's impossible to become too old for these movies.

Cars 3

Prequel: Cars (May 26, 2006)

Release date: June 16, 2017

Plot: After the victory of high-tech racer Jackson Storm, many are confident that Lightning McQueen will resign. Yet with the help of friends, the main character confidently starts training to return to the Florida 500.


Based on the original idea of director Lee Unkrich together with Adrian Molina.

Release date: November 22, 2017

Plot: The story of a 12-year-old boy who lives in a Mexican village in a family of shoemakers and secretly dreams of becoming a musician. In his family clan, music is considered a curse, and Miguel decides to reveal the old family secret on the Day of the Dead.

Zootopia 2

Prequel: Zootopia (March 4, 2016)

Release date: 2018

Plot: Judy and Nick are both cops now. They'll have to combat crimes and do one main thing: save Zootopia.

The Incredibles 2

Prequel: The Incredibles (November 5, 2004)

Release date: June 15, 2018

Plot: The continuation of the animated comedy action film by Pixar Animation Studios. The plot hasn't been revealed yet, but, as the director himself admitted, after the first movie, he still had a lot of unrealized ideas. In this regard, the new movie will include not only fresh ideas but also those Brad Bird has been keeping in mind for more than 10 years.

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Prequel: Wreck-It Ralph (November 2, 2012)

Release date: November 21, 2018

Plot: Ralph will move from gaming machines to the Internet world where his friendship with Vanellope will be tested. Other details of the script are still unknown, but we're sure that the continuation of the movie will be no less worthy than its first part.


Prequel: Aladdin (November 25, 1992)

Release date: 2019

Plot: The new project is focused on the life of jinns and will also tell us how Aladdin's Genie got enslaved in the lamp.

Toy Story 4

Prequel: Toy Story 3 (June 18, 2010)

Release date: June 21, 2019

Plot: The action takes place after Andy gave his toys to a girl named Bonnie. The plot is focused on Woody and Buzz who go on a journey to find Woody's lost love: Bo Peep.

The Lion King

Prequel: The Lion King (June 15, 1994)

Release date: July 19, 2019

Plot: Disney confirmed the remake of the iconic animated film. The new version of The Lion King will include songs and melodies from the original movie. For the filmmaking, the creators will use CGI technology (images generated using computer-aided 3D graphics).

Frozen 2

Prequel: Frozen (November 27, 2013)

Release date: November 27, 2019

Plot: The script is still in development, but, undoubtedly, the continuation of the most beautiful winter fairy tale, which fascinated us in 2013, is waiting for us. It's known that Olaf will get a girlfriend, and we'll see lots of humor and positive emotions.


Prequel: Fun and Fancy Free (September 27, 1947)

Release date: November 25, 2020

Plot: It's based on the English fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. A young man named Jack discovers a land of giants hidden in the clouds and gets to know the 11-year-old giant girl named Inma who treats him like a doll.

Illustrator Natalia Kulakova for Bright Side
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