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What 16 “Home Alone” Actors Are Doing Now and How They’ve Changed

There are many symbols of Christmas — the tree, the smell of fruit, the lights, and the presents. And for some of us, this also includes the funny comedy movie Home Alone. Despite the fact that the film is almost 30 years old, it is still a funny film that restores our faith in Christmas miracles.

We at Bright Side got a bit nostalgic, so we found the children and the adults that appeared in this Christmas film and found out what happened to them after the film was released.

Kevin — Macaulay Culkin

The glory that the 10-year-old Macaulay Culkin earned after the release of Home Alone made his parents’ heads spin. Afterward, his father would only allow his son to appear in films from producers that were ready to pay several million dollars to the young star. So, at the age of 13, his career was already going south.

Macaulay Culkin didn’t return to the world of cinema until the age of 23, when he did the comedy Party Monster and the film Saved!. And then, he dove in the world of music when he founded the cover band, The Pizza Underground. From time to time, Macaulay Culkin appears in movies, for example, in the films Changeland and Kings.

Currently, he hasn’t taken on any big roles. You can only see him in commercials: just recently, he appeared in a Christmas video for Happy Socks. Also, he is present on YouTube: he does podcasts on a channel called Bunny Ears and he has his own YouTube channel.

Marv — Daniel Stern

After the release of Home Alone, everyone remembers Daniel Stern as the silly robber. But he really tried to get rid of this image. Aside from roles in movies, he voiced some characters in The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Hey Arnold!.

From time to time, this actor also takes the director’s seat: the shows The Wonder Years, Complete Savages, and Manhattan were made by him. Daniel Stern also has an interesting hobby — he likes to make bronze sculptures.

Buzz — Devin Ratray

After his role as the older brother of the main character, Devin Ratray continued to play bay guys in movies for children, and then he started played psychopaths and criminals as he grew up. By the way, he’s also appeared in documentaries, like Courting Condi.

Aside from movies, you can see Devin in small New York bars where he puts on concerts with his band.

Harry — Joe Pesci

The second participant of the duo of robbers has appeared in 16 movies over the past 30 years, he got an Oscar for the Best Supporting Role in Goodfellas and became the star of other projects by Martin Scorsese. By the way, Joe, as a gangster, has not only appeared in movies, but in 2002, he became the prototype for a videogame character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.

Fuller — Kieran Culkin

That smiling guy who wore huge glasses is not only Kevin’s brother, he is also Macaulay Culkin’s brother in real life. The Culkin’s father tried to push his younger son into the same projects as Macaulay. In 1993, Kieran Culkin was finally noticed and it was then that his career started to develop independently from his brother.

Throughout his movie career, Kieran has played in more than 20 roles, he was nominated for a Golden Globe several times, and he earned the love of some viewers and the hate of others. For example, after the series Succession was released, people often yelled at Kieran and told him what a bad person his character was.

Kate — Catherine O’Hara

For the past 30 years, the hardworking actress that did a great job portraying the emotional mother of Kevin, has appeared in 49 movies and voiced 15 cartoons. Besides, the actress got a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame, in 2010, she took part in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Vancouver, and her portrait appeared on a postal stamp.

Marley — Roberts Blossom

The role of Marley in Home Alone is probably one of the few positive roles in Roberts Blossom’s career. Despite his kind face, he often played bad guys. Besides, after his role in Home Alone, the actor started to appear in movies less often and 5 years later, he left the cinema world.

Blossom spent his final years in a nursing home, spending all of his time writing poems. He died in 2011 at the age of 87.

Peter — John Heard

After the release of Home Alone, John Heard continued to appear on TV and in movies. You can see him in Awakenings, In the Line of Fire, The Pelican Brief, and shows like Battlestar Galactica, Prison Break, and The Sopranos. He worked till the last day of his life, so some of his films were released after he died.

He died in 2017 due to surgery complications.

Megan — Hillary Wolf

After the release of the Home Alone sequel, Hillary Wolf decided to stop acting and try herself in a different field — sports. In 1994, she won the world championship in judo, and 2 years later, she took part in the Summer Olympics. In 2000, she appeared in the Olympic Games again, but she didn’t win.

Gus — John Candy

His appearance in this Christmas film happened when the Canadian comedian John Candy was at a very good place in his career. But this role didn’t change the situation in any way. Maybe, this is why he decided to change his focus toward more serious roles in Only the Lonely and JFK.

Unfortunately, the life of the comedian ended in 1994 because of a heart attack. After his death, he got a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame and his portrait appeared on a postal stamp. Also, the 95th Grey Cup in 2007 was dedicated to him and the American rock band Ween recorded an entire album for him.

Linnie — Angela Goethals

Home Alone pushed Angela Goethals toward other more serious projects. After her role in this comedy, she appeared in popular films like Jerry Maguire, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Spanglish, and in TV series like 24, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Law & Order. In 2010, the actress decided to take a break from movies and concentrate on her family.

Jeff — Michael C. Maronna

After Home Alone, Michael C. Maronna appeared in 40 Days and 40 Nights, and on the TV series Law & Order. But he is most famous for the Ameritrade commercial and a funny video with Bill Clinton. Now, Michael doesn’t appear on-screen anymore, but he is still in the cinema world: he works as an electrician in television.

Heather — Kristin Minter

At the beginning of the ’90s, Kristin Minter was totally focused on her modeling career, but after her role in Home Alone, she decided to try herself in more movie roles. This beautiful girl simultaneously worked on several films and a couple of years later, she was invited to take part in 2 very popular series of that time, Highlander and ER.

Now, she doesn’t appear on-screen very often, and if she does, it’s in supporting roles on TV series. You can see her in The Mentalist, Nip/Tuck, and Filth.

Sondra — Daiana Campeanu

After the film Home Alone, Daiana Campeanu had small roles in Dennis the Menace and the TV series Brimstone. At the end of the ’90s, she was focused on music. The first album that she released in 2006 got a lot of good reviews from critics.

Diana has recorded 3 albums, she has a contract with a label, and plays small roles in short films.

Johnny — Ralph Foody

We think that everyone remembers the gangster from the film Angels with Dirty Faces that Kevin was watching in secret. In fact, this actor often played policemen. For example, in the films that were released before Home Alone, like Mickey One, The Blues Brothers, and Chicago Story, Ralph Foody always portrayed policemen.

The last films that Ralph appeared in were Straight Talk, The Kid, and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. He died of cancer in 1999.

Tracy — Senta Moses

Before her appearance in Home Alone, you could only see Senta Moses in commercials and on the theater stage. But her small role in this Christmas comedy helped the young actress get on TV. So, Senta appeared on My So-Called Life, Greek, Bones, The Mentalist, and Ghost Whisperer.

At the moment, Moses is doing a mini-series called Little Fires Everywhere that is going to appear on-screen in 2020.

What Home Alone character, aside from Kevin, do you like the most?

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