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What Child Actors That We Adored in Childhood Look Like Today

It may seem like it was just yesterday that we rushed to our TVs to turn on Beethoven, The Addams Family, or The Little Rascals, but it’s actually 2020 now! And the children that played the main parts in our favorite films and TV shows are adults now. Some of them are brilliant actors and some of them, like Jake Lloyd who portrayed the young Anakin, were not able to deal with all the fame and just disappeared from the spotlight.

The Bright Side team has done a little research and found the child actors that we remember, thanks to their roles in popular movies and TV series. You’ll surely be surprised at what they look like today. Here’s a warning: At the end of the article, there is a bonus that is bound to shock you: you will never guess what the boy from the video of the coolest song of the 2000s looks like today.

Carla Diaz (Clone)

11 years old / 29 years old

Sthefany Brito (Clone)

14 years old / 32 years old

Christian and Joseph Cousins (Twin Sitters)

11 years old / 36 years old

Nicholle Tom (Beethoven)

14 years old / 41 years old

Christopher Castile (Beethoven)

12 years old / 39 years old

Jake Lloyd (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)

10 years old / 30 years old

Michael Conner Humphreys (Forrest Gump)

9 years old / 35 years old

Hanna R. Hall (Forrest Gump)

10 years old / 35 years old

Edward Furlong (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)

14 years old / 43 years old

Camila Bordonaba (Rebelde Way)

18 years old / 35 years old

Luisana Lopilato (Rebelde Way)

15 years old / 32 years old

Barret Oliver (The Neverending Story)

11 years old / 46 years old

Noah Hathaway (The Neverending Story)

13 years old / 48 years old

Tami Stronach (The Neverending Story)

12 years old / 47 years old

Travis Tedford (The Little Rascals)

6 years old / 31 years old

Bug Hall (The Little Rascals)

9 years old / 34 years old

Brittany Ashton Holmes (The Little Rascals)

5 years old / 30 years old

Jordan Warkol (The Little Rascals)

8 years old / 33 years old

Zachary Mabry (The Little Rascals)

4 years old / 29 years old

Jared Rushton (Honey, I Shrunk the Kids)

15 years old / 45 years old

Quadruplets Alexis, Cole, Justin, and Paul Cimoch (the triplets from Friends)

Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan)

14 years old / 30 years old

Rachel Hurd-Wood (Peter Pan)

13 years old / 29 years old

Jimmy Workman (The Addams Family)

11 years old / 39 years old

Michael Oliver (Problem Child)

9 years old / 38 years old

Bonus: Marlo Snellman (Bomfunk MC’s “Freestyler”)

15 years old / 35 years old

We hope that our compilation made you a little nostalgic. Which of these actors hasn’t changed much and who would you never have recognized?

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