10 Celebs Who Just Stumbled Into Their Clones

Meeting a copy-paste version of yourself somewhere in the world is already a very surreal experience, but just think of a scenario where a famous star is involved in all of this as well.

Bright Side has gathered for you a few of those exclusively rare moments when celebrities actually stumbled into their lookalike fans by total accident.

Adam Sandler and Max Kessler

Jeff Goldblum and his Persian replica

Kim Kardashian and Kamilla Osman

Jack Black and his younger self

Adele and Emily Bamforth

Ellen DeGeneres and Donna Blair

Mark Hamill and Sebastian Stan

Taylor Swift and Olivia Sturgiss

Zac Efron and Michael Hixon

Ed Sheeran and Ty Jones

Preview photo credit Kim Kardashian, Ty Jones
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