10 Laws Queen Elizabeth Can Decide Not to Follow

Queen Elizabeth II is well known as a modest and dignified monarch. However, she has a right to not follow certain laws.

We at Bright Side make a list of the craziest laws that the Queen can break.

10. She doesn't have to follow speed limits.

Well, we have never seen Queen Elizabeth chasing a car on the road. However, technically she has this right. All speed limit rules can be broken by her anywhere in the country, but, of course, she doesn't abuse this power.

9. She doesn't need a driving license.

Despite the fact that all the driving licenses in the UK are issued in her name, Queen Elizabeth doesn't need to have one. She didn't even need to pass any driving test or take driving lessons. Nevertheless, she is very good at driving, and she was an ambulance driver during the war.

8. The Queen doesn't need a passport.

Again, it's the same story as with a driving license. Her Majesty does not need a passport, and this will not stop her from traveling at all. She is one of the very few people in the world who doesn't need to have an official identity document.

7. She is exempt from freedom of information requests.

In the UK, as in most countries, there is a freedom of information system that allows the press and public to ask any kind of question. But the Royal Family used its power to block this law from expanding on them. Simply put, they are absolutely free to not provide any private information.

6. She doesn't have to pay taxes.

All citizens of the UK, as in many other countries, have to pay taxes depending on their earnings. The Queen is exempt from this law. However, she has voluntarily paid taxes since 1992.

5. The Queen can start a war.

Technically, Queen Elizabeth can declare war against any country at any moment. In practice, of course, such decisions are made by parliament, but they officially need the Queen's permission.

4. She can't be sued.

Legally, it's impossible to sue the Queen. She also has the right to not give evidence in a court, and, of course, she can't be prosecuted.

3. She protects all children.

Queen Elizabeth is the official guardian of all children in the UK. Therefore, she technically has the right to take someone's child. But, don't worry – she has never done this.

2. She has a right to vandalize property.

Under certain circumstances, such as a national emergency, the Queen has the right to break, enter and destroy any property. Sounds a bit frightening, but we can definitely trust her.

1. The Queen can break any law.

Well, maybe we should have started with this, but that would be less intriguing. Actually, Her Majesty is literally above the law. She has a right to break any law. However, Queen Elizabeth is rather modest.

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