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10 Overheard Stories Proving That Doing Good Is Easy

We at Bright Side are sure that good deeds don’t require high cost or much effort. Doing good is much easier than it seems. These 10 "overheard" stories are the best proof. Be careful! You may get an overwhelming desire to do something good after reading.

  • I’m not on very good terms with my colleagues. It happened so that all of my husband’s salary was stolen. A few days later I told one woman about it. In a couple of hours I was handed an envelope with money inside. They chipped in so that we could have enough to live on that month. I was weeping.
  • My friend went to a movie theatre with her little son. On their way, the kid collected all the flyers that promoter girls distributed. He approached them himself, as if it was vitally important for him. “Darling, why do you need all these flyers? What will you do with them?“ she asked. The child said, ”I won’t do anything with them, Mommy. These girls just look so sad. No one takes their flyers. I make them a little HAPPIER."
  • I’m 18 years old. Winter. Late evening. It’s dark outside. I hurried to get home and took a parked cab. When I got in the front seat, two guys hopped in the back. They asked me where I was going and said they had to get there too. I didn’t have much money, so it seemed like good luck to me. When we arrived, I was about to get out of the car. They too. Suddenly the driver grabbed my arm. The guys got out, and we drove off. I was scared. But we drove a circle and came back. The guys had already left. The driver didn’t like their faces.
  • Every day in the morning, when going to work, I buy a coffee to go in a coffee shop nearby. Recently, I’ve chosen a new route, and now I meet an old man in war decorations playing the accordion and singing war songs. Now I don’t drink coffee in the mornings. Instead, I give the money to him, and he gives me a lollipop from his candy bag. Recently, when I approached, he stopped playing, put a chocolate candy in my hand, and said, “It’s a magic one. Think well about the wish you make.“ I made my wish. Waiting. I know it will come true.
  • I was traveling in a cab late at night. Suddenly, the driver stopped on the road and got out of the car. I was scared, but then I saw two hedgehogs in front of us. He got out of the car to take them off the road! It melted my heart.
  • I love it when people do their work with pleasure, no matter what it is. Sometimes, when it’s cold and nasty outside, you approach a coffee booth. The guys there smile sincerely, sprinkle your coffee with lots of grated chocolate, and say, ”Be careful, it’s hot! Have a nice day!" Or you buy water at a gas station, and a cashier screams to the attendant, “Come over here! Help the girl carry these heavy bottles to the car.” And they smile and help you and wish you a good ride. It fills your heart with such warmth.
  • I went to the store to buy some bread. While I was standing in line, a boy with a broken nose ran in and asked for help. As it turned out, several people attacked him, took his cell phone, and started beating him. He hid in the shop.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the workers’ reactions: all the men immediately left the store and their work, gathered at the entrance, and security stood at the door. The women called the police and helped the boy to wash his face. They gave him water and a cell phone to call his parents. A number of customers volunteered to act as witnesses at once.
  • A few days ago I took a bus. A young man of about 20-25 entered it. He took a seat and started untangling his headphones with a broken arm. He was trying to do it before the next bus stop. Then, 2 minutes before I had to go, when the bus stopped at a red light, I approached him and helped. While I was untangling them, the young man was smiling. When I got out of the bus, my knees were shaking. It was the first time I dared to help someone.
  • Once I took a bus and noticed an old lady, barely alive, almost sliding down the seat. The passengers started asking what happened, but she couldn’t even form a sentence. So all the passengers got out of the bus, and the driver and I immediately decided to take the old lady to the hospital. I started trying to find out the phone numbers of her relatives, and she said she only had a husband who had recently had a stroke. While we were riding, I was holding her so she didn’t fall down, and she was holding her purse tightly. When we got to the hospital, the doctors said it was a stroke. So the driver and I saved her life.
  • One day I saved two lives. I was going to school, looking through the bus window. It was +1 outside, and the day before it was −9. In the middle of a frozen lake I noticed two men getting ready for fishing. Knowing the temperature, I imagined how it might melt, and I called a friend who worked in the rescue service with a request to send a squad to the specified location. The next morning, I saw a 14-year-old girl and her mother on my doorstep, thanking me for saving their father’s and brother’s lives. It turned out that the rescue squad arrived just when the fishermen began to drown.
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