10+ People Who Made Live TV Unforgettable

Live videos show us the real behavior of the people we follow on social media and would like to know personally. It can also be quite educational to see their reactions to different kinds of awkward situations.

Bright Side wants to show you ways of getting off the hook when no fails are allowed. You can also find some tips for avoiding an embarrassing situation. Let’s get started!

And the Oscar goes to...

It’s not every day you win the Best Actress Oscar, so being a bit more excited is okay. Besides, doesn’t Jennifer Lawrence deserve one more prize for such an elegant fall?

Make your dreams come true.

It’s very hard not to do this, and almost everyone believes they must do it now or never! Why not be a star for just a couple of seconds?

Got up but not woke up

The reporter decided to make his report more eye-catching by walking and looking straight into the camera. And it really worked...until something went wrong. Always watch your step!

We forgot what she was talking about.

How often do you see such an elegantly dressed reporter? Meet Vanessa Huppenkothen, Mexican World Cup reporter and probably one of the stars on every single event she’s making a report on.

Charming can be educational.

With anchors like Errol Barnett, the mass media can involve millions of people in expanding their horizons. He seems to be a cover man: everything’s perfect. Once he starts speaking, it gets harder to distract yourself.

We can’t stop watching it on repeat.

Sometimes an unlucky animal can bring a huge dose of popularity faster than any other kind of advertising. This incident happened during a French TV baking show, and it caught the attention of lots of people.

Whatever happens, never give up.

It’s a heartwarming feeling when you’re not failing alone. A great example of teamwork.

At least they tried.

Look at these sincere efforts not to spoil someone’s work. The law enforcement and service people deserve respect for their understanding and support.

You’re not you when you’re hungry.

People working on TV sometimes have to make sacrifices that are not always in their favor. This is because they take care of others first. We need to be grateful for that.

Whatever happens, don’t become emotional.

In most cases, our emotions are the reason for our fails. At the Brit Awards, Madonna demonstrated a perfect example of how to act when something is going wrong. As a result, her performance was no less effective but was more natural and lively instead.

The world needs more children.

Professor Robert Kelly’s children made the interview memorable and brought people to their TV screens at once. To watch the original version, follow this link. Whoever you are, your kids will make your life brighter.

Try to keep in mind that whatever happens, there’s always a bright side in any situation. It’ll be much better if we remember this point and smile or even make a joke in an awkward moment. Positivity is the key to happiness!

Share your secrets about how to get off the hook in the comments.

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