10 Really Strange Photo Fads Trending on Social Media

It seems like people don't have fun just taking pictures of themselves anymore. Lately, we have seen a lot of truly strange photo trends and flash mobs. The result can be quite interesting, but most of the time you look at something like this and say, "Why?!"

Bright Side has collected the 10 most creative experiments.

10. People "match" places

Users try to look for places that match their clothes perfectly, or they do it the other way around and choose clothes that match places. Quite often it looks very good. They tag such photos with #whenpeoplematchplaces.

9. Improvised shoes

Don't even ask. People share photos of improvised shoes made of all sorts of things with the #heelconcept tag. This strange fashion is all over Instagram, and it started with the artist Misty Pollen.

8. The power of makeup

Everyone has seen photos before and after makeup, but girls have now come up with something new: they put makeup on one half of their face to demonstrate the difference. They use #thepowerofmakeup to mark such photos.

7. "Shelfie"

A shelfie is, roughly speaking, a photo of your shelf with the things that really mean a lot to you. Such a photo can demonstrate your hobbies to the world and describe your personality. It's an interesting trend, don't you think?

6. Total honesty Tuesday

Photos that are tagged with #totalhonestytuesday don't really look beautiful, but they demonstrate real life the way it is.

People post their burned toast, their less-than-ideal manicure, and other things. They do it to remind us that our lives are not ideal, unlike typical Instagram photos.

5. Divorce selfie

The people who started the #divorceselfie trend can see humor even in the saddest situations – divorce, for example. They take these selfies right in the courthouse. At least they look happy.

4. Squat your dog

With this new trend, people do squats using a dog instead of a barbell. Do you want to do some squats with your dog too? Don't forget to tag your photo with #squatyourdog.

3. Glitter beard

You have probably seen glitter on hair, lips, and under and above eyes. But it's not only girls who want to look pretty — men have stormed social media with their glitter beards with the hashtag #glitterbeard.

2. Leisure dive

#leisuredive was created by a Harvard graduate. The point is that a person should dive in the most relaxed pose, and a photographer is supposed to catch the necessary moment.

1. Makeup transformation

The tag #makeuptransformation will help you find not only girls who transformed using makeup but also guys who decided to laugh at this trend, making a kind of parody. They are so creative! Do they have too much free time? Maybe. Do they want to play games no matter how old they are? Definitely.

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