10 Simple Ways to Figure Out That Someone Is Lying to You

Today we will reveal all the secrets of liars.

Bright Side will help you recognize when you are being lied to and when someone is telling you the truth. So let's ask the necessary questions and see how the person responds.

10. Vague answers

If a person gives you a very vague answer, this might be a sign of lies. Try to make the person stick to the subject. You need to get a direct answer. Usually, a "yes" or a "no" is the truth.

9. Laughing it off

If the person you are talking to is trying to laugh it off, he is most likely lying to you. Someone who wants to deceive you will try to make you laugh. This indirect sign of lies will disarm you and make the conversation less serious.

8. Exaggerated honesty

One of the signs of a lie is exaggerating one's honesty. A person will promise and swear to you that he has nothing to do with the situation. Don't believe that.

7. Sympathy

The most difficult part is not to believe someone who seems to be sympathetic to you. If a person is showing sympathy, don't fall for it. He or she might be trying to deceive you.

6. Answering questions with more questions

Someone who wants to deceive you doesn't want to give you direct answers. They will try to ask you more questions. Remember that answering questions with more questions is a clear sign of lies.

5. Freezing

Freezing, reluctance to give an answer, a long pause — these are clear signs of lies, especially if the question you asked was very simple. So if the person shows surprise only 2 or 3 seconds after he finds out about your problem, be sure that he is the one who ate your cake.

4. One-man show

If a person is "overacting," he or she is most likely guilty. People's emotions change quite quickly, with one emotion usually lasting no more than 6-10 seconds. However, if the person is insincere, he or she might try to act surprised for a longer period of time to convince you.

3. Hostility

A hostile tone or insults are also clear signs of lies. Don't give up because the person might be quite serious too. Try to make the conversation calmer, and then ask the question again.

2. Repeating the question

If a person repeats your question multiple times, he or she is definitely lying. And it looks quite funny too. Now they can't deceive you.

1. Avoiding the answer

If a person is trying to avoid the answer, giving you a lot of irrelevant information or even trying to change the subject, he or she is most likely trying to "get away from the scene of the crime." Pay attention to whether you are still talking about the problem or about something completely different.

In addition, pay attention to the person's facial expressions. Here are details that signal lies:

1. Constant swallowing of saliva, coughing, and a stiff facial expression are all clear signs that the person is worried about being caught.

2. An asymmetrical face. When you are calm, your facial expressions are always symmetrical. And if one part of your face (or your body) is more active, it means the emotions are fake.

3. Eyes moving from side to side. If the person you are talking to is not shy, then he or she is probably lying to you.

4. Eyes looking to the top right corner. This means the person is making something up on the fly.

5. Palm on the face, forehead, or neck. They are trying to hide from you.

6. Scratching the nose, the eyelid, or the earlobe.

7. Looking down and shaking their head.

8. Fingers in the mouth. This is a desperate gesture, and it means that the person unconsciously wants the truth to be revealed.

What would you say about this guy?

If a person is smiling sincerely, his or her eyes should be smiling too. So if the person is really having fun, you should see facial wrinkles near the eyes. The eyes should close a little.

Bonus: How about these girls?

Yes, they are beautiful, but don't judge by appearances. Liars can be very convincing, so use our tips to figure out where the truth is.

And one more thing!

Be gentle, but don't make mistakes. Even if 2 or more signs are visible, it doesn't mean that the person intends to deceive you. Look and listen closely. Only when you are absolutely certain that at least 5 signs are visible in the person's behavior should you think that they are lying to you. Good luck!

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