11 Insane Celebrity Homes

People design a home so that it's as comfortable as possible according to their own whims. Celebrities are no exception.

We at Bright Side can't help wondering how our profession influences our tastes and preferences. Check out the bonus at the end!

Rihanna's mansion in Beverly Hills

Ri-Ri's mansion is located on a hill in Beverly Hills. If you look at it from afar, it may seem an oasis in a desert. The azure water in the pool and the deck chairs next to it set the resort atmosphere.

Rihanna also has a home in Barbados

Lady Gaga's house in Miami

The house of Lady Gaga stands by the ocean. On the outside, it doesn't correspond to the singer's shocking images. In fact, it's just a disguise. Inside, this house looks like it's a leisure center: a mini cinema, a bowling alley, and lots of other entertainments.

Julia Roberts's house in Hawaii

While choosing a house, Julia Roberts discovered two mansions standing close together with a wonderful view of the beach. She bought both and combined them. The actress is an active environmentalist, and she embodied these principles in her own house: the roof of the mansion is covered with recycled slate and the floor with eco-friendly bamboo. There's also a tennis court on the property.

John Travolta's house in Florida

John Travolta is a great fan of aviation and everything related to aircraft. From a bird's-eye view, his house reminds one of an airport terminal. The taxiway on the property is located so that one can drive the plane directly to the house.

Nicolas Cage's mansion in Los Angeles

Nicolas Cage is a fan not only of comic books but also of architecture. He collects ancient houses. So far, his collection is quite modest: only 3 mansions. But in addition to authentic houses, the actor also buys stylized ones which can hardly be distinguished from ancient homes from afar.

Mel Gibson's mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut

Mel Gibson's mansion looks just like an estate from the Middle Ages. The actor and director is a big fan of history. This can be seen not only in his movies and roles but also by the design of his home.

The house of Beyoncé and Jay-Z in New Orleans

Everything looks pretty ordinary in the house of this famous couple. Spacious and comfortable rooms, not loaded with excessive objects. Everything looks pretty ordinary, yeah...until you get interested in the cost of a wooden bench for handbags, for example.

Gary Oldman's house in Los Feliz, Los Angeles

Gary Oldman, the master of transformation, has exquisite taste. His house looks like a garden from the outside, but from the inside everything is decorated in a classical style with baroque elements.

Naomi Campbell's "Eye of Horus" ecohouse on Cleopatra Island, Turkey

Naomi's incredible house is located by the Mediterranean Sea on Cleopatra Island in Turkey. From a bird's-eye view, the structure looks like the eye of Horus. The ecohouse is designed to save as much energy as possible.

Bonus: Dwyane Wade and Gabby Union house in Miami

The couple got married and leased this castle for the occasion. Chateau Artisan, a house architect Charles Sieger built for himself, complete with giant landlocked moat, gatehouse, and formal gardens.

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