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10 Times Our Favorite Actors Made Us Adore Them Even More

Actors shine bright on screen, but they are actually pretty bright in real life too — from landing a role on GoT after working day and night at several other jobs to marrying your favorite actress that you saw on TV when you were a kid. Their Hollywood journey has not been easy, so they have a lot of interesting, funny, and sometimes crazy stories to tell about what happened to them along the way.

Bright Side dove into our favorite actors’ lives and found some stories that deserve an Oscar or at least a place in our hearts.

1. Emilia Clarke was working 6 jobs to pay the rent before Game of Thrones.

Emilia Clarke just graduated from drama school and was working 6 jobs to pay the rent when she got a call from her agent. It was about an audition for Game of Thrones. She did everything she could do (read about her crazy audition below) and nailed it. And as they say, the rest is history.

Emilia Clarke did well at her audition for Daenerys and GoT showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss liked her, but they also had to convince the HBO president. So, when she came on her 2nd audition Benioff and Weiss were smiling, but the president was not.

“Emilia asked if there was anything else she could do to lighten the mood and Benioff asked, ‘Can you dance?’ And without missing a beat, Emilia did the robot,” Weiss said. “She did it with commitment and did it well... and even the president had no choice but to smile.”

2. Kit Harington got into a fight to protect a girl’s honor and came to his GoT audition with a black eye the next day.

Kit Harington went to McDonald’s with a girl he was “sort of dating at the time.” There were no seats, so they ended up sharing a table with another couple. The guy they were sitting with started being rude to Harington’s girlfriend, so Kit challenged him. But the man was way bigger than he was, “And I got battered,” Kit said.

Win or lose — Harington did what a man should do in this situation. Let’s not even mention that he was about to have the audition of his life the next morning.

3. At the age of 12, Jim worked 8 hours a day in a factory after school to help his family make ends meet.

Jim Carrey’s father lost his job and his family had to live out of a van for a while. Young Jim would put in 8-hour work shifts at a factory after school. But in the midst of this struggle, Jim never gave up on his dream to become a comic. At age 15, the future actor and comedy legend started to perform at Yuk Yuks comedy club in Toronto.

4. An old lady had a hemorrhage and Robert Downey Jr. immediately took control of the situation.

The old lady tripped over a wheelchair ramp and it sliced her shin really badly. Robert ordered someone to call an ambulance, tied her wound with his jacket, reassured her that everything would be OK, and told her how gorgeous her legs were. He knew how to distract her and stayed until the ambulance arrived. Downey told the old lady not to forget to call him so they could have lunch together.

Also, Robert can sing really well and is about to launch a project to clean up our planet from pollution.

5. Jason Momoa has liked his wife, Lisa Bonet, ever since he was 8 years old.

“It was more than love at first sight, ever since I was 8 years old and I saw her on TV I was like, ’Mommy, I want that one.’ ’I’m going to stalk you for the rest of my life, and I’m going to get you.’ I didn’t tell her that until we had 2 babies—otherwise, I’d be creepy and weird. I’ve always wanted to meet her, she was a queen, always,” said Jason.

6. Jason Momoa landed 2 roles at the same time with a Haka traditional Māori dance.

Jason Momoa did a Haka at a Game of Thrones audition and nailed it. The actor shared that since there are barely any words in the Drogo script, he decided to try out the Haka, since it’s a very powerful, scary, and beautiful traditional dance, and it ended up fitting the role perfectly. His intense performance sealed the deal for the Khal Drogo part in GoT and it also helped him to land his Conan role in Conan the Barbarian.

7. Courteney Cox let Ed Sheeran live in her Malibu home.

Like her Friends’ character Monica who let Rachel stay at her apartment, Courteney Cox is just as warm-hearted in real-life. She let Ed Sheeran live in her Malibu home. Ed lived there for several months while writing new songs for his upcoming album and now they are close friends.

Nice things happen to nice people. Ed set her up with his friend Johnny McDaid, who she’s now dating. Ed shared that he had never seen them happier before.

8. Robert De Niro commits, immerses himself, and transforms into the characters he plays.

De Niro transformed into a legit boxer for the Jake LaMotta role in Raging Bull. De Niro gained 60 lbs, and spent hundreds of hours in the ring training with LaMotta himself. He got really good at boxing and even had 3 professional-level bouts — winning 2. LaMotta praised him and even described him as being up to professional standards.

Robert De Niro became a taxi driver for his role in Taxi Driver and even paid a dentist to grind down his teeth for his role in Cape Fear.

9. Morgan Freeman turned his 124-acre ranch into a honeybee sanctuary to save the bee population.

Morgan planted flowers that bees like and has no intention of harvesting the honey. Morgan doesn’t put on a bee suit when he’s feeding them and the bees don’t sting him. He found out that if you don’t show any aggression with them, they will not attack you.

Honeybees perform about 80 percent of all the pollination worldwide. That’s why it’s so vital to help them survive and increase their numbers.

10. 2 failed auditions didn’t stop Jennifer Lawrence, so she ended up getting the role.

J-Law auditioned for Winter’s Bone lead role twice, but casting director and producer told her she didn’t look right for the part. So, she flew to New York on a red-eye, showed up again, and got it. Lawrence said that she probably just scared them into giving her the part. Jennifer absolutely nailed it in that movie and it became her breakthrough role.

She also created a foundation that supports organizations that fulfill children’s vital needs and provide access to the arts, education, and other opportunities.

Who is your favorite actor? Let’s see which actor will be picked the most and crowned as the people’s favorite.

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