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10 Times When Royals Sent a Message With the Help of One Piece of Jewelry

Many people own pieces of jewelry that hide a big story or a deep meaning behind them and Royals are no exception. Not only do they put a lot of thought behind their outfits, but this goes for their accessories too, because they can express so much without words.

Bright Side found out about the messages that members of the British royal family send to the public with the help of their accessories.

Flower basket brooch

The queen got this brooch as a present from her parents when Prince Charles was born. It’s with this brooch that Elizabeth was depicted in the first official portrait of her son. Over the years since 1948, Her Majesty has appeared wearing this piece of jewelry several times, but it again received special significance on the day of the baptism of Prince George. Having chosen the brooch as an accessory, the Queen outlined the connection of the newborn with his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and his great-grandfather, King George VI.

Necklace with emeralds and diamonds

In the Royal family, Princess Diana was known as a rebel who loved to break the established rules of the British crown. Once Elizabeth II gave her a necklace made of emeralds and diamonds. Without waiting for advice on how to wear it or for someone to help her put it on, Diana put it on her forehead. A Canadian diplomat who was standing nearby at that moment asked her to keep it this way because it evoked a sense of youth and lightheartedness, which perfectly corresponded to Lady Di’s nature.

A bracelet with kids’ names

Sarah Ferguson attended the wedding of her daughter, Princess Eugenie, in a bright outfit. Her hat caught the eyes of guests and photographers, that’s why few people paid attention to her jewelry. The Duchess’ wrist was decorated with a gold bracelet, where the names of both her daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, were depicted with the help of diamonds. With this gesture, she expressed her motherly love.

Pendants of love

Meghan Markle likes various symbolic accessories and she feels especially sensitive about everything connected with her husband Harry and son Archie. At one of the US Open 2019 games, Meghan put on a necklace with 2 pendants that had the initials A and H (Archie and Harry) on them.

Recently the Duchess was noticed wearing the symbols of 2 horoscope signs on her neck: Virgo and Taurus. Harry was born to the first sign, and Archie — to the second one.

Wedding tiara not from the royal collection

Future ladies of the royal family are given a tiara from the British crown jewelry collection for their wedding ceremony. Elizabeth II offered Diana the Lover’s Knot Tiara for her wedding, but Diana refused, giving preference to her family tiara. Many women in her family got married in this tiara and this gesture let her pay tribute to the traditions of the Spencer family.

Brooch given by the queen

Despite the fact that this brooch doesn’t look like a classical piece of jewelry, it still carries an important meaning. Elizabeth II presented the Royal Family Order to Kate Middleton in 2017. This brooch is given for excellent performance of duties — it portrays the Queen surrounded by diamonds and is attached to a yellow ribbon.

Harry and Meghan’s couple bracelets

In 2019, Meghan and Harry went for a visit to South Africa. During the first tour, the couple was seen wearing the same red and white bracelets with the words “Justice” on them. Their jewelry is a nod to the Justice Desk human rights charity organization that they visited.

Flower wedding tiara

Before her wedding, Sarah Ferguson arrived at the church with a flower tiara on her head, though prior to this wedding, everyone was married with classic gemstone tiaras. The flower decoration was complemented by the bouquet and served as a holder for the veil of the future duchess. After the official ceremony, the flowers were removed, and there turned out to be a diamond tiara underneath, which was made especially for Sarah by the order of the Queen. This process of removing flowers and demonstrating the tiara was the symbol of Ferguson’s entering the royal family.

Maple Leaf brooch

All members of the royal family try to pay tribute to the country that receives them, not only with their behavior but also with their outfits. Jewelry, in this case, plays one of the key roles. Thus, Kate Middleton could be noticed with a brooch in the shape of a maple leaf during her visit to Canada, while Elizabeth II wore the same brooch to Canada House in London.

Pendant — tattoo

In New Zealand, Meghan Markle was seen wearing a chain from a local jeweler Jessica McCormack. In addition to showing respect for the country with this piece of jewelry, the Duchess also paid tribute to the culture of New Zealand by wearing it. The decoration was issued as a part of the collection called “Tattoo” where items repeat the traditional tattoo patterns of the Maori people.

Do you have any piece of jewelry with an interesting history or a deep meaning?

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