11 Celebrities Who Have Aged Beautifully

Your age is but a number that embellishes your life. That’s what many celebrities think who look absolutely stunning for their age.

Bright Side is going to use their example to show you that aging is not scary at all.

11. Julianne Moore (56 years old)

56-year-old Julianne Moore only gets ever more beautiful over the years. Her secret is simple: self-care, sports, and yoga. She’s not ashamed of her age and confirms that at her interviews, admitting that she’s growing old. That, however, does not stop her from looking amazing.

10. Charlize Theron (41 years old)

Charlize Theron - another brilliant actress - claims that you shouldn’t be afraid of something that can’t be avoided, and another couple of wrinkles on your face is a sign of wisdom and experience. Yoga is something that helps Charlize keep her fresh look, but above all she loves cycling.

9. Will Smith (48 years old)

Will Smith’s charm and youthfulness are all down to a simple formula: reading and running. He claims that these two components help him develop his mind and body and stay in shape even at 48.

8. Sharon Stone (59 years old)

59-year-old Sharon Stone doesn’t try to perpetuate her youth with all sorts of plastic surgery. She is sure that aging is a natural art. The secret of her beauty is regular exercise, proper nutrition, and skin care.

7. Hugh Jackman (48 years old)

The athletic Hugh Jackman stays in excellent shape thanks to physical exercise and can outmatch any 20-year-old at his 48. The actor practices swimming, running, and boxing. It is sports that help him keep his mind and body up, Hugh says.

6. Julia Roberts (49 years old)

The secret of Julia Roberts’s eternal beauty lies in her youthful spirit. Girlish charmingness gave way to confident femininity, but her smile remains as open and buoyant as it was 26 years ago.

5. Ben Affleck (44 years old)

Ben Affleck lives according to the wisdom that his mother taught him when he was a child:
"Be true to yourself." That is why neither age nor wrinkles around his eyes frighten him. The actor’s boyish cuteness has been replaced by bristly virility, which certainly suits him.

4. George Clooney (56 years old)

George Clooney, a charismatic heartthrob, is in great physical shape at 56. Yoga helps him maintain his body, while gray hair and expression lines only add to his masculine appeal.

3. Johnny Depp (54 years old)

Johnny Depp is a conservative and keeps to classic styles. For years, he has been faithful to his never-changing accessories: glasses and suits of a certain cut. He owes his looks to a healthy lifestyle and frequent walks.

2. Sandra Bullock (52 years old)

"Miss Congeniality" Sandra Bullock is a true example of beauty’s victory over the biological clock. The actress claims that wrinkles brought forth by sincere laughter are not a sign of age but of life’s most wonderful moments. So let us smile more often!

1. Gwen Stefani (47 years old)

Gwen Stefani attributes her magnificent looks to an organic diet packed with lean proteins. Her approach to fitness differs from that of most other female celebs: instead of yoga or pilates, she prefers activities such as working out, boxing, and weight lifting.

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