11 Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless But Made It to the Top Despite All the Odds

We always see our favorite celebrities on TV smiling and laughing, shining and mesmerizing. Their life seems perfect with an easy and exciting job. They just do what they love and earn millions. What a fairy tale! But so many of them know from personal experience how true the words "No pain, no gain" are.

Bright Side made a list of world-famous celebrities who were once homeless and went through tough times to reach their dreams. Who will surprise you the most?

11. Jim Carrey

When Jim Carrey’s father lost his job and their home, the family moved into a Volkswagen camper van, parking it in different places throughout Canada. When Carrey turned 16, he decided to quit school and start supporting his family through small impressions and stand-up shows.

Carrey once said that it was probably during these difficult financial periods that he developed his sense of humor. Jim Carrey never gave up despite all the odds and challenges, and he made it to the top.

10. Halle Berry

In her early 20s, Halle moved to Chicago in pursuit of her acting career. She soon ran out of money, and her mother refused to help her out. Without money or a roof over her head, she found herself in a shelter for the homeless.

Halle admitted that it was a rough and difficult period of her life, but she learned how to take care of herself and take destiny into her hands. From the shelter and bartending to being X-Men’s Storm. What a stormy but incredible journey!

9. Jennifer Lopez

When Jennifer was only 18, she quarreled with her mother and had to sleep on a sofa in a dance studio. The fight was over Jennifer’s desire to pursue a dance career. Just a few months later, she got a dancing job in Europe. When she returned, she moved to LA as she won a national competition for a dancing spot on the popular TV series In Living Color as one of the "Fly Girls."

All this happened in a year. Another example of what happens when you choose to pursue your dream despite any odds.

8. Harry Houdini

The greatest magician the world has known begged for coins, sold newspapers, and shined shoes at the age of 8. Sometimes, after begging on the streets, he would come back home, hide the coins in his hair, and ask his mother to shake him, saying, "Shake me! I’m magic!"

When he turned 12, he ran away from home and spent a year alone. However, nothing is known about that year. He returned home to work as a messenger, a photography assistant, and a necktie cutter. At 17, he took the stage name Houdini and started to create magic.

7. Charlie Chaplin

It’s hard to find a single person on Earth who doesn’t know Chaplin. But it’s easy to find millions who don’t know that Chaplin’s father died of alcoholism when Charlie was 10. His mother was put in a mental hospital.

At the age of 14, he found himself poor and alone, sleeping on the streets and searching for food. All he could do was to find refuge in comedy, hiding behind a clown’s tears. He went on to become the first comedian to be admired and praised by millions.

6. Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is not just a famous host who wrongly announced the winner of Miss Universe 2016. He is loved by millions for various daytime TV game shows. But the start of his fame wasn’t that smooth. He started out as a comedian in the late '80s. A couple of gigs fell through, and splitting from his wife and sending paychecks to his 2 children forced Steve to move into his Ford Tempo.

3 years of living in a car and using hotel bathrooms, swimming pool showers, and gas station bathrooms followed, until finally he was invited to appear on Showtime at the Apollo. His net worth is $140 million, and he owns more than one car. Thankfully, he doesn’t live in one.

5. Michael Oher

This star of the NFL is one of 12 children. His mother was a drug addict, and his father was frequently in prison. Michael was in and out of foster homes and was frequently homeless, attending 11 different schools in his first 9 years as a student. He was finally taken in by a family when he was 16, and they became his legal guardians a year later.

In his junior years, he started to succeed in football and soon became a top football prospect in Tennessee. Numerous awards, championships, achievements, fame, and admiration were the rewards for all those years of childhood struggle. His inspirational story was turned into the Academy Award-winning movie The Blind Side.

4. Hilary Swank

Just a girl who grew up in a trailer park. She and her mom used to live in a car and an empty house. Some friends were selling a house, and they allowed Hilary and her mom to stay there during the nights, but during the day they had to leave so potential clients could come and see the place.

With 2 Oscars (which she won by the age of 30) and an estimated net worth of $40 million, she still rides the subway every day. Just a simple girl from a trailer park.

3. Daniel Craig

This strong and elegant James Bond was not always rich and famous. He was once an ordinary waiter, sleeping on a park bench on occasion. Being a struggling actor has nothing to do with romance, just hard work, dedication, and strong belief, and that’s what helped Daniel to make both ends meet and finally reach his dream.

2. Ella Fitzgerald

When Ella was 15, her mother died, and she was abused by her stepfather. She ran away and found herself working with the mafia. She was soon caught by the police and put into a female reform school. She ran away again to become homeless for some time.

She won 13 Grammy Awards. Now she is one of the most famous and beloved jazz singers of all time, overcoming abuse, loss, mafia ties, and homelessness. Not a movie, just real life.

1. Chris Pratt

The most famous Guardian of the Galaxy wasn’t always the center of the acting universe. He left school at the age of 17 and got a job selling coupons. 2 years later, he accepted a friend’s offer: a one-way ticket to Hawaii. It turned out to be a great place to start a homeless life, sleeping in a van or in a tent on the beach.

There was weed, drink, and minimal working hours to cover gas, food, and fishing supplies. Chris was a waiter at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company when an actress spotted him and invited him to be in her directorial debut. A brief Hawaii farewell and hello to Hollywood!

Do you know any other celebrity who was at the bottom but made it to the top? Share with us in the comments.

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