11 Family Stories That Made Our Hearts Skip a Beat

Often, when we talk about a strong family, we mean some usual things. We forget how important our actions toward each other are and that the relationship between relatives and spouses should not be a routine. The stories we are about to tell you are incredibly genuine. They are about people who wanted to do something significant for their beloved friends and family members.

The Bright Side team is inspired by the examples of these families and hopes to pass the inspiration on to you.

Around the world for just one kiss

Malaysian photographer Keow Wee Loong visited 11 countries with his bride to recreate a wedding kiss in different parts of the world. They kissed again and again in Japan, Norway, Denmark, Austria, and Italy during their 3-month honeymoon. The happy husband believes that the meaning of life is to spend every moment with someone you love and to see as many things together as possible.

The entire family starts a new life.

Losing weight is a task that is sometimes hard for even just one person. But in this story, an entire family managed to do it. 32-year-old Chinese photographer Jesse decided that exercising is exactly what his family needed to maintain good psychological and physical health. They started power walking and visiting the gym on a regular basis. They took photos every 10 days and tracked the results. 6 months of training gave the family more than just a good physical shape: they claim that they changed their lifestyle completely and have become more of a team.

When parents are against the system:

A family from Cambridge decided to do an experiment and went on a long trip around the world together with their kids instead of sending them to school. It all started when their older child started complaining about being bored in kindergarten. The parents say that their children are more developed than their peers and the system of education would only ruin their talents. After selling the house, the parents started educating the children on their own and they are not going to give up on the idea. Paul and Caroline do projects with their kids based on the trips they take and they teach them about history and different cultures themselves.

A family that hates wasting time

Getting back in shape after giving birth? Making your child love sports and exercising? Having enough time for yourself and for the children? Anything is possible if you add a little humor and creativity to the most mundane family activities.

A grandmother’s dress

A young bride who saved her grandmother’s wedding dress put it on for her own wedding. The dress was over 50 years old when it was used for a wedding again. The grandmother found out about this only during the rehearsal of the ceremony. The photographer managed to take a picture of her reaction and honestly, it is really moving.

Love is more important than the throne.

Japanese princess Mako Akishino announced that she got engaged to her University pal, Kei Komuro. The parents of the bride approved of her choice even though it meant that she would lose the title and all the privileges. Despite the fact that the law prohibits the princess to be the heir to the throne, the Japanese community doesn’t approve of marriages between monarchs and common people. This love story made Japan reconsider its attitude to such marriages.

Retirees that know how to have fun

For this amazing couple, retirement is a great time for experimenting and expressing themselves. Steven and Millie Tani from South Carolina were looking for Halloween costumes 3 years ago and they ended up discovering a new hobby. They started with handmade costumes and then started buying cosplay costumes in online stores. Now, they travel, create new costumes, and disagree with people who say that retirement and 27 years of marriage can make a relationship boring.

Eternal gratitude

19-year-old Khanittha “Mint” Phasaeng is the winner of Miss Uncensored News Thailand 2015. After she won the contest, she returned to her hometown to kneel down to her mother who spent her entire life collecting trash. In Asian countries, like in many others, such an act is a sign of deep respect. Khanittha says that she has no reason to be ashamed of her mother and that she made her success possible.

Wo bought a zoo.

Dean and Tracy Tweedy with their 3 daughters now live in Animalarium zoo. They take care of 300 animals including snakes, lions, and crocodiles. And the girls say that this is the best time of their lives. Originally, the family planned to buy a farm. Qualified zoo employees also help the Tweedy family take care of the zoo.

Furry best men

Mr. and Mrs. Matthews made 2 Alaskan malamutes best men at their wedding and it was the right choice. The spouses think that their dogs are members of their family and they wanted to make them participants of the ceremony. The malamutes were really responsible and charmed the guests.

3 brides, one dress

Dorothy Sampson from Yorkshire got married in 1959. She wore a wedding dress that, 25 years later, her daughter Catherine Clark put on to walk down the aisle at her wedding. And exactly 25 years later, Catherine’s daughter Sarah did the same. More than that, she got married on June 9, which is the anniversary of her parents’ and grandparents’ weddings.

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