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11 Famous Women Who Proved That You Can Become a Mother Even in Your 40s

Many people might be surprised to know that scientists have come to the conclusion that the best age for having a child is between 30 and 34. This is the age when social state and health are in perfect balance. However, some people go further and have children after 35.

We at Bright Side wanted to know which famous women became mothers in their 40s.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon has 3 children, and she had all of them at later ages: 39, 42, and 45.

When she was young, doctors said that the actress was infertile, so she didn’t use birth control pills for many years. But then she got pregnant unexpectedly, and then twice more. Susan says that she was happy to feel that she was stronger than any diagnosis.

Just look at her attractive children. And Susan is still beautiful at 71 years old.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez didn’t have such an easy time as the previous actress. She’d wanted to have children for a very long time, but nature didn’t let her. Jennifer had to use in vitro fertilization. With this method, the egg is extracted from the body, gets fertilized in a lab, and then it is returned to the womb when it’s clear that the embryo is developing correctly.

Jennifer wasn’t successful with her first attempt, but now she is raising wonderful twins. She had them when she was 38.

Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston is John Travolta’s wife. She got pregnant at the age of 47, and it was a real blessing. A year before that, Travolta’s family went through a terrible tragedy: their only son, Jett, died.

"Benjamin gave our family a second life," is how Kelly commented on her child’s birth.

Celine Dion

The singer had her first son, René-Charles, when she was 33 and the twins, Eddie and Nilson, when she was 42.

The singer had to go through 6 attempts of in vitro fertilization, but she managed to have healthy twins. She confesses, "In vitro fertilization is very hard at the emotional level, and you should always remember how lucky you are to be a mother."

Halle Berry

The actress doesn’t seem to age at all, and it’s not only about her stunning appearance. Halle Berry became a mother for the first time when she was 41 years old, and she had her second child at the age of 47, which was a huge surprise for her.

"I thought all this was already in the past and I was on the edge of the menopause, so this was really unexpected," says Halle about her pregnancy.

Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger has only one child, a daughter with a very beautiful name: Ireland. When you look at these stunning women, it’s very hard to believe that there is a 41-year age difference between them.

Ireland Baldwin is a magazine model, and she sometimes has roles in movies. Thanks to a huge similarity between her and her mother, she was able to play Kim’s character in youth in Grudge Match.

Gwen Stefani

A forever young rebel, Gwen Stefani had her sons Kingston and Zuma when she was about 40 years old. She became a mother again at 44 when she had Apollo.

She looks so cool with her sons, and it’s hard to tell that she is their mother.

Salma Hayek

According to Salma, she had always wanted to have children, but she couldn’t for medical reasons. Finally, at the age of 41, she was successful.

The pregnancy was difficult. She gained 50 pounds, but she managed to get back in shape after. This is what she said about becoming a mother at her age: "10 years ago, I couldn’t give my daughter as much as I can give her now. She is happy to be born right now when I’m 40."


The pop queen had her first child, Lourdes, when she was 36. When she was 41, she had a son, Rocco. In addition, she raises 4 adopted children from Africa.

"Before I had kids, I used to be very selfish, but being a mother changed my attitude completely," says Madonna.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey became a mother when she was 41 years old, and it wasn’t easy for her: the pregnancy caused extremely high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. Mariah earned her right to be a mother. Unfortunately, Mariah divorced the father of the children, Nick Cannon.

Monica Bellucci

The actress was diagnosed with infertility, but, to her surprise, she unexpectedly became pregnant at the age of 39. "I had my daughter at the best moment of my life. I have played so many roles, I have been to so many places, and now I’m ready to give her everything she needs," says Monica. Now Deva (a really beautiful name) is 13 years old, and she is already taller than her mother.

Monica had her second daughter at 45. The actress said she was really scared when she found out she was pregnant. She understood that at her age pregnancy could be dangerous. Fortunately, Léonie is healthy and everything went well.

"Over the course of the 9 months, I never called the doctor about some abnormal situation. Of course, it’s dangerous to have a baby at 45, and I don’t encourage women to do so, but a mother is the most important role I’ve had in my life. If I hadn’t been able to get pregnant naturally, I would have probably tried in vitro fertilization," the actress says.

We agree with Monica: it’s much easier to have a baby at 35, but different things can happen. Of course, it’s easier for celebrities — they are rich. But we think that every person can come up with an example where ordinary women had kids when nobody thought they would, right?

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