11 Good Deeds That Were Nothing Short of Epic

We all strive to be kind, because a good deed can really brighten a dark world. In fact, one study says that kindness is literally good for our health - it lowers blood pressure, brings happiness and pleasure, and also increases your lifespan. So it's actually worth being kind from either point of view.

At Bright Side, we've found stories of kindness, love and care that will not only restore your faith in humanity, but also remind you that the world isn't that bad after all. Like Mother Teresa once said, "Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love."

1. These cops show true compassion.

After a women was taken to hospital due to low blood sugar, these two paramedics stayed back to prepare a dinner for her five kids. They even cleaned dishes afterwards. We have a lot of respect for these guys.

2. A fireman rescuing a cat.

A firefighter rescued a kitten from a large fire in Senen market in Jakarta. Animals need help during mishaps too.

3. These kids are taking action against winter.

These kids tied winter coats to poles in Canada to help the homeless and the poor feel more comfortable in the cold.

4. An example of good sportsmanship.

This sweet gesture was captured during the 2014 World Cup where Socceroo player, Mark Bresciano noticed that a mascot's shoe was untied. Since the boy was on crutches, Bresciano knelt down and tied it for him.

5. Free dry cleaning for job seekers.

What is sweeter than offering a helping hand to someone who needed it badly? This company owner was offering a clean outfit for free to those who were unemployed and interviewing for jobs.

6. She donated her hair and stole our hearts.

This young girl, Ella, donated her hair to somebody in need.

7. A free haircut by an expert.

Hair stylist, Mark Bustos, gives a free haircut to homeless people every Sunday from Guangzhou to New York City and all over the world. He normally works for an elite salon during the week. His idea is simply to give back, because all people deserve a good haircut once in a while.

8. Happily rescuing this cutie pie.

During natural disasters, humans are the first ones to get help but we cannot forget about the animals who need help too. This man saved this dog from drowning in a typhoon in Dujuan, Hong Kong.

9. A family away from family.

A worker at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary tries to bottle-feed 'Jebediah', a sick red-necked wallaby joey rescued from a flood-affected property in Brisbane. These animal sanctuaries are racing to save native animals which have been displaced or made ill by the fetid water.

10. The magic of kindness.

Dobri Dobrev, apparently a 102-year-old-man, often seen begging for money around churches gives away all his collected money to either homeless, poor or orphans.

11. Indeed, a great friend to be with.

This Kenyan woman found her childhood friend on the streets while he was suffering from a drug addiction. She took him to rehab - and look at the difference today!

We believe in humanity and would love to see more examples of human kindness. Please share your experiences or anything you have encountered in the comments below.

Preview photo credit markbustos/instagram, Reuters
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