11 Movie Stars You Probably Didn’t Recognize in These Roles

Although computer graphics are used when creating virtually every movie today, makeup artists, stylists, and costume designers are still an essential part of filmmaking. These are the people who can transform our favorite actors and actresses beyond recognition and make them look like a totally different person. Even the most famous faces can be disguised with a little movie magic.

Today we at Bright Side have compiled the list of impressive on-screen transformations that made famous movie stars completely unrecognizable.

Eddie Redmayne as Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl

Tilda Swinton as Dianna, the ice-cold editor of a glossy magazine, in Trainwreck

Idris Elba as villainous Krall in Star Trek Beyond

Elizabeth Banks as effusive Effie in The Hunger Games

Zoe Saldana as dangerous Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy

Jared Leto as the Joker in Suicide Squad

Paula Patton as the half-human, half-Orc warrior woman Garona in Warcraft

Eric Bana as evil Captain Nero in Star Trek

Jennifer Aniston as depressed Claire Bennet in Cake

Mila Kunis as the witch Theodora in Oz: The Great and Powerful

Leonardo DiCaprio as former FBI head J. Edgar Hoover in J. Edgar

Preview photo credit Universal Pictures, glamour
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