11 Situations Where Parents Turned Out to Be Impossibly Cool

Parents don't need to have extraordinary abilities to become real heroes for their children. Both small and grown-up children need love more than anything else, which manifests itself mainly in actions.

Bright Side shares with you 11 moments from the life of loving parents, each of whom deserves the title of "superdad" or "supermom."

Dad makes his daughter stunning braids.

Phillippe Morgese mastered something not every dad can do: he makes awesome braids. At first, Phillippe simply braided Emma's hair, but then he opened a school where everyone can learn how to make hairstyles for their little princesses.

Mom inspires her children by doing yoga.

Yoga instructor Laura Kasperzak proved that the best way of education is a personal example. She doesn't have to force her son and daughter to exercise: they simply repeat what their mom does.

Dad bought clothes for his daughter's doll.

This tough-looking guy couldn't say no to his daughter when she asked him to dress her favorite doll. So while she was at school, Dad went to the store for baby overalls and socks. And he wasn't at all embarrassed by the surprised looks of other buyers and the cashier. After all, the main thing is not what other people think but how happy his daughter was when she saw her doll in the new clothes.

Parents made a copy of the Blockbuster store for their autistic son.

This 20-year-old guy got upset when his favorite video store closed. Yet his parents found a way to encourage the young man: they made a mini version of the store with his favorite cartoons right at home.

A man tattooed his head to support his daughter.

This girl needs a cochlear implant to hear. Her dad tattooed the same onto his head to support her.

Mom turned her daughter into a cosplay star to help her overcome shyness.

Photographer Camillia Courts and her 7-year-old daughter Layla try on the Disney princesses' and other famous characters' looks to help the little girl become more confident.

Parents presented their son's friend with a ring with a touching inscription.

According to tradition, graduates of colleges and other educational institutions order memorable rings with the symbols of their alma mater. A guy named Khyle couldn't afford such a ring, but his best friend's parents came to the rescue: they ordered the ring for him saying "to our other son."

Parents proved that divorce and new families are not an obstacle to communication with children.

Ricky and Clara divorced and created new families, but this doesn't prevent them from bringing up their child together. They celebrate her birthdays as one big company, spend weekends together, attend school events, and fully support each other.

The whole family dressed up as anime characters to please their son.

These parents not only bought their son the Halloween costume he wanted but dressed up themselves, even turning their younger child into Pikachu.

Chris Hemsworth baked a cake for his daughter's birthday.

Celebrity parents also find time to please their children. For example, Chris Hemsworth himself baked a dinosaur-shaped cake for his daughter India's birthday.

Dad found a simple way to stop his children from fighting.

Three kids are not only great happiness but also a lot of trouble, especially if they like to take toys from each other. Of course, you can calm them down at home, but what about in the car? There turned out to be a solution for this case, and it works.

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