11 Teachers Who Will Make You Love Studying

Sometimes it's so difficult to find the motivation to study. But your teacher may become your inspiration. Especially if they look like supermodels.

Bright Side has a compilation of teachers from all over the world who encourage students to study and motivate parents to visit the school more often.

11. Dejinay

This teacher is perfect in shape because she spends a lot of time at the gym. Moreover, she likes to decorate her classroom to make the learning process more interesting. Dejinay thinks that students have to be active, and she doesn't forget to do morning workouts with her pupils.

10. Nicholas Ferroni

Mr. Ferroni's appearance inspires lots of students. The teacher promised all his students who got an A that he would get their names tattooed in henna on his arm. And he kept his promise. Ferroni explains his career choice: "When I was a child, I wanted to be a superhero, a psychologist, a philosopher, a philanthropist, an actor...that's why I'm a teacher now."

9. Benjawan Som

Benjawan is a pretty and hardworking English teacher. She knows how to motivate students and helps them to learn the language.

8. Michael Bonner

Mr. Bonner is a really big-hearted man. His pupils are from needy families, and Michael understands how difficult it is to study when you have your home issues prioritized. Dancing and singing help him to cope with these problems. Ellen DeGeneres decided to help Mr. Bonner and granted his school a check for $25,000 as well as some equipment for further video recording.

7. Patrice Brown

Each of Patrice's photos causes hot discussions among the pupils' parents. Most women criticize the teacher for her tight dresses, but the men don't see anything bad in it. They are happy to have such a nice teacher for their kids.

6. Vin Wick

Vin is a model and a preschool education teacher.

5. Eva Loo

Eva is a teacher who could easily be mistaken for a student. She has brilliant sports achievements, and she is proud of all of her students.

4. Chris Peck

Chris is really keen on teaching. He makes his classes amazing, and his students are always involved in the learning process. What is more, his students are fond of reading. His secret is to allow everyone to read what they really want.

3. Jordyn Goddard

Jordyn is an elementary school teacher and Miss District of Columbia. She is inspired by her students and always supports their self-expression through art. She also continues to participate in beauty pageants. We're sure that she'll win even more crowns.

2. Pietro Boselli

It's really difficult to imagine such an attractive university teacher. Pietro tried to keep his modeling career a secret because he thought that other teachers would look down on him. Now Pietro pays more attention to the modeling business, but he doesn't forget about kids and even makes donations to affordable education worldwide.

1. Park Hyun Seo

The most attractive lecturer from South Korea is famous on Instagram. Students say it's worth visiting her classes. And we understand why.

Bonus: Marharyta Sheikh Ali

This belly dance coach always makes a show of her performances. If you want to take some tenderness classes, you should choose her to be your coach.

Preview photo credit Hyunseo Park
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