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11 Unusual Models Who Prove That Every Woman Is Perfect

We’re used to seeing models as picture-perfect women with ideal figures and doll-like faces. However, the modern fashion industry is starting to value unusual and bold looks more and more.

Bright Side invites you to look at the ladies who prove by their own example that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it can’t be measured by strict parameters.

11. Ashley Smith

Ashley is recognizable for the gap between her teeth. The beauty is proud of her peculiarity, saying she likes that designers value her and not the parameters taken from her résumé. Apart from her modeling career, Ashley enjoys architecture and drawing. She’s modeled for Vogue and Glamour and has also been the face of Levi’s and Gap.

10. Masha Tyelna

Nina Ricci, John Galliano, Givenchy, and many more fashion houses are mesmerized by the owner of “the biggest eyes in the world.“ Masha is often called ”extraterrestrial" or a “Slavonic elf.” She’s one of those who actually started the hype for unusual models.

9. Sabina Karlsson

A wealth of natural hair, freckles all over her face, a gap between the teeth, and plus-sized: Sabina can’t be confused with any other model. This bold Swedish girl loves herself and is now the ambassador of all things natural and individual.

8. Anna Brimma

Anna Brimma is one of the most promising models for British Anti Agency that says its models are "not just clothes horses: they are girls and boys with personality, individual style, and talent." Anna proves that as no one else can.

7. Mirian Njoh

Mirian is an albino model whose exotic beauty can’t leave you unimpressed. She’s also a talented stylist, photographer, and blogger. The girl says she was bullied at school, and she had a hard time making peace with how she looks.

6. Cipriana Quann

Cipriana and her twin sister, known as TK Wonder, decided to prove to all dark-skinned girls in the world that they shouldn’t be ashamed of natural afro hairstyles because what is natural is beautiful.

5. Hanne Gaby Odiele

This spectacular Belgian girl has worked with Dior, Gucci, Prada, and Alexander Wang. Recently, she’s confessed that she’s an intersexual: she was born a man, but her body develops as a female. Apart from this, Hanne is easily recognized for her high forehead and cheekbones.

4. Paloma Elsesser

Paloma is a plus-sized model who became the star of a Nike ad campaign. She won her fame through social networks: it was there that the stylish and bold girl was noticed for her individuality.

3. Anna Mila

A modeling agent noticed this unusual beauty when she was grocery shopping with her mom. Now Anna is winning over shows by Dolce&Gabbana and Versace. Her main feature is her natural bushy eyebrows.

2. Felice Joop

Her big ears and bushy eyebrows became the trademark of this young lady, making another modeling agency specializing in unusual appearances, UNIQUE MODELS, notice her at once. Felice has just begun her career, but we’re sure that soon the whole world will talk about her.

1. Bawar sisters

These sisters with their unique skin color smashed all the beauty standards. Twins Lara and Mara Bawar have albinism, while their older sister, Sheila, does not. Thanks to their exceptional beauty, the sisters have already been signed to model for brands like Nike and Bazaar Kids.

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