10 Women Who Combine Being Smart With Being Damn Hot

Down with those stupid stereotypes saying that brainy girls cannot be beautiful! Eager to prove the opposite, the Bright Side team presents you with irrefutable photographic evidence which shows that women can be both intelligent and hot as hell!

The model Carmen Kass, famous for her "golden" Dior adverts, has not only managed to achieve a career in modeling. She also successfully tried herself in politics and became the President of the Estonian Chess Federation. She has loved chess since childhood and does everything to promote this game. Nowadays, Carmen remains a member of the Chess Federation and takes part in chess competitions.

Meet Clio Cresswell, a stunning professor of mathematics! She is also a talented writer, author of the acclaimed book Mathematics and Sex.

The refined Tali Sharot is a professor of cognitive neuroscience. She studies the brain processes that influence emotional perception and memory.

The incredible Amy Mainzer holds the degree of doctor of philosophy in astronomy. There’s also an asteroid named after her.

With her stunning appearance, Rhonda Freeman could easily have achieved fame as an actress. But she chose a different path, becoming a doctor of philosophy in the field of neuropsychology.

Franziska Michor - a doctor of philosophy in the field of evolutionary biology.

Laura Aull — a young professor of English language and literature. She certainly breaks stereotypes about the outward appearance of serious academics!

Olivia Judson — a Marion Cotillard lookalike and a doctor of philosophy in biology. She graduated from Oxford and specializes in studying animal behavior.

This glamorous blonde is Cheska Burleson - an outstanding scientist in the field of marine biological research.

Completing this list of intellectually gifted beauties is Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr, whose talents were not duly appreciated during her lifetime. In the 1940s, this movie star patented a system that allowed the remote control of artillery shells.

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