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12 Colorful Stories About How Badly We Need Vacations

12 Colorful Stories About How Badly We Need Vacations


Let's all agree that vacations are the best thing ever. You want them to happen so much that you often find yourself counting down the days until they're finally here. Sometimes even a month or two before...

Bright Side made a collection of 12 honest and ironic stories by people who may be just a little too eager to start their well-deserved vacation.

  • I was finally given a vacation from work after coming to a 9 am meeting in my house slippers and pajamas, topped off with a suit jacket.
  • We spent the whole vacation together... You came into my life when I first stepped foot on the southern shore. We were lying on the beach, sitting by the same table, sleeping together... You are in all of my vacation pictures. You went everywhere I went. I'll never forget you. Thanks for the magical time, huge pimple on my face.
  • It's the third day of vacation. I set an alarm for 6 am. When it rings, I like to turn it off, roll over in my bed, and go back to sleep with a smile knowing that today I have to do a big fat lot of nothing.
  • My boyfriend and I went on a beach vacation for the first time in four years of constant work. Clients call him all the time at work. On our first morning in the hotel, my alarm went off. Suddenly, he turned to me, wide awake, and said, "Please hold. I will call you right back."
  • My oh my, what a break I had today! I did laundry, cleaned the house, made lunch, did dishes again, marinated vegetables, made dinner, did dishes, tidied up some toys, took the kids for a walk, cleaned their shoes, folded some clothes, and put the children to bed. It's 10 pm - time for my break now.
  • I work as a nanny. I came to the realization that I needed a break when I found myself rocking and singing a lullaby to a cat.
  • Remember when you could just run around the house in your underwear? You could yell, play, and watch cartoons all day long. Oh, what marvelous times they were... I want a vacation like that again. Sergey, 28.
  • One time, we were getting ready for vacation, packing and repacking our things. While looking for our swimsuits, my 3-year-old son came in with eyes full of joy. "Mom, this year I can pay for everything on the trip myself! I saved up a whole lot since last summer!" In his hands, he was victoriously holding four dollars worth of coins.
  • I took a vacation once. I told my colleagues that I was flying to some islands, but in reality I just kept the money by spending my break tanning on the balcony. Thank goodness it was pretty sunny then. And although there was no sea breeze on my face, and I didn't have the sand under my toes, it was truly the most relaxing and cool vacation I've ever had.
  • Today we had a gathering with all my coworkers. Everyone was back from vacation, and everyone brought a little something from wherever they had traveled. Someone got us wine, others magnets. One colleague showed up with little sculptures from Paris, and the highlight was a handmade soap from Turkey. And me? I equipped every one of them with a bag of homegrown tomatoes.
  • I am a programmer. I realized it was time for me to take a break when I was trying to find "ctrl + c" and "ctrl + v" on an imaginary keyboard in my head, in order to copy paste my coworker's delicious lunch.
  • I can't get you out of my head, especially lately... I always dream of summer because then we can reunite. We are going to have an amazing time together making new memories. You are my everything. My happiness, my hope, and my soul mate. We have so many things in common. When will I see you again, vacation?
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