12 eternally young celebrities who defy their real age

Time really does fly and sometimes we don’t even notice it. They say that everything changes in our life – people grow old, and hopefully get wiser. However, it seems that the laws of aging can’t be applied to certain people. Sure, they have more ‘tricks’ at their disposal, such as makeup and surgery, but it’s clearly easier for some of them than it is for others.

We’re starting to think these people have discovered how to make an elixir giving them eternal youth, or may they even made a pact with the devil? How else can you explain just how young they still look after all these years?

Elijah Wood

Pharrell Williams

Sarah Jessica Parker

Edward Norton

Halle Berry

Jennifer Aniston

Will Smith

Heidi Klum

Julia Roberts

Sandra Bullock

Liv Tyler

Keanu Reeves

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