12 Exclusive Rules From the Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge is a true style icon. Almost everything about her becomes a fashion trend.

Bright Side decided to learn the secret of the Duchess's elegance, and we came up with 12 features of her style and refined manners.

12. Create the perfect hairstyle.

An elegant haircut, flawless hairdressing, and delicate makeup are the basics of any stylish look. The Duchess prefers either flowing locks or classic hairstyling. Notice that no pins or clips are ever seen in the Duchess’s hair. Such accessories can cheapen any look.

11. Elegance is a must.

Catherine is elegant and incredibly natural. She has an open smile, graceful movements, and precise poses without a single trace of condescension or arrogance. This is why she conquered the hearts of British citizens and millions of other people all over the world.

10. To sit in the Royal style is pure art.

There are only 2 ways a lady can sit. The first way is called the "Duchess Slant," and the second is the "Cambridge Cross."

When sitting in the Duchess Slant, it is necessary to keep the back straight, the chin up, and the knees and ankles together with the legs off to the side. The hands should be placed on the knees, palm in palm. With the Cambridge Cross, one should keep the knees together and the ankles crossed, with both heels on the ground. This pose has a lengthening effect on the legs. In both poses, the back should be perfectly straight, not touching the back of a chair.

9. The same goes for eating in the Royal style.

The Duchess puts her cutlery aside after eating a small portion of each course. And when she tries her soup, she moves the spoon in an outward direction. One should eat in small bits to avoid a situation where one has to say to a companion, "Let me finish chewing, and then I will answer."

8. A wineglass should be held by its stem.

Wine should fill the glass bowl only to its wide part. One should hold a wineglass by its stem to avoid the liquid becoming heated. And if you wear lipstick, try to touch the glass in one place only to avoid a "lipstick ring" on the rim of the glass.

7. Don’t forget about the Duchess’s hats.

One of the main features of Kate’s wardrobe is hats. Wearing a hat can make you look elegant and sophisticated. Hats can also add some spice to your everyday style, even if you are not a member of the Royal family.

6. An accent at the waist makes a figure look feminine.

The Duchess always accentuates her waist with a belt (except for the period of time when she was pregnant) or chooses fitted gowns which highlight her feminine body.

5. An elegant coat is a wardrobe basic.

Different coats for all seasons, including summer, is Kate’s trademark. The Duchess always manages to create an absolutely unique look with classic coats.

4. Pregnancy is not a burden when it comes to style.

Kate has been pregnant twice, and she continued to be the embodiment of style, proving that "pregnancy" and "style" are not mutually exclusive. Kate’s looks were visual evidence that all future moms can easily be stylish and beautiful for the entire duration of their pregnancy.

3. Who said that jeans are simplistic and unfeminine?

It is worth taking lessons from the Duchess to learn how to wear regular jeans, blouses, and tops. She manages to choose amazingly striking combinations of simple clothes to highlight her slim figure.

2. Embroidered dresses are the embodiment of femininity.

No comments here. It is a given. And the Duchess's looks only prove that fact.

1. The best purse is a clutch – you don’t have to wonder what to do with your hands.

You have probably noticed that the Duchess is inseparable from her clutches. During public events, she holds a clutch with both hands. She never puts it on the table, on a neighboring chair, and never holds it under her arm. To shake hands, she just keeps her clutch in her left hand. And when she sits, she just puts the clutch between her back and the back of the chair. It is a taboo to put a clutch on your knees or on the floor!

We admit that purses like that provide a really stylish, noble, and beautiful look.

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