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12 People That Have Changed Beyond Recognition in Just One Year


Most people have tried to cut down on food and go to the gym in order to lose some extra pounds, and some even put on clothes that are several sizes smaller than they need. But there are also people who have fought with extra pounds throughout their entire lives and only experts can help them deal with this problem.

We at Bright Side were really inspired by the people that were able to face their fears and dietary habits in order to completely change themselves and their lives in just 1 year.

1. Cillas Givens, 35 years old

2. Brandon Scott, 33 years old

3. Justin McSwain, 27 years old

4. Tiffany Barker, 28 years old

5. Lacey Hodder, 29 years old

6. Ashley Dunn Bratcher, 27 years old

7. Octavia Gaagans, 42 years old

8. Joe Wexler, 31 years old

9. Alicia Kirgan, 32 years old

10. Nicole Lewis, 23 years old

11. Pauline Potter, 50 years old

12. Maja Radanovic, 33 years old

If you’ve tried to lose weight in your life, how many pounds were you able to drop?