12 Things Men and Women Do Differently

There is no doubt that men and women are from different planets or even from different universes. It's because they do everything differently, from their gestures to the way they throw a ball. But are they really so different?

Bright Side decided to find out and tell you about all the differences between men and women. You can notice them in even the simplest everyday things.

Meet Julia and Mark. They are old friends, they know each other very well, and they say that they do a lot of very simple things in absolutely different ways.

We decided to check this. We made sure they couldn't see each other and asked them to do a few things to see how many differences there were.

1. Choose a photo shoot pose.

We asked Julia and Mark to choose a pose they thought looked the best in a photo. Mark turned his entire body to the camera and moved his arms in front. Julia chose a pose in profile.

  • Men try to look as big as possible in photos. They want to take up more space and demonstrate the upper part of their body. Women, however, want to look small and elegant. They care about both their arms and legs.

2. Hold an object.

Julia is holding the bottle with both hands, and one of them is helping to hold the bottom. Mark prefers to use only one hand, and he is holding the bottle by the neck.

  • Most of the time, women hold any heavy object from below. Men usually try to hold it in one hand, even if the object is very heavy, just to show that they are very strong.

3. Show your hands.

Most women try to demonstrate their attractive manicure or the overall tidiness of their nails and skin, which is why they mostly show the backs of their hands. For men, size and integrity matter more. Hands look bigger if you show the palms, and it's simply more comfortable.

4. Turn around.

If you call out to a man and a woman, they will turn around in very different ways. Men turn their entire body, and women only turn their head.

5. Choose 5 things you would take with you for a 5-day trip.

The things that men and women choose for a trip are determined by their way of thinking and their needs. This is what they chose from the objects we offered them.

Julia: "I would take a razor, a credit card, a toothbrush, shampoo, and sunscreen. I think that hygiene products are absolutely necessary, and the rest can be bought in the hotel."

Mark: "I would take my credit card. All the rest you can buy where you go. I would also take some pills that I might need, and an iron may be a problem to buy. I would take a razor to trim my beard and a camera to capture interesting moments."

  • Because women have better abstract thinking skills, they can easily predict different situations. They always think about things that can happen in the future. Men take only the most necessary things that they need at the moment, and they improvise later.

6. Take off your T-shirt.

Men mostly take off their T-shirt by pulling it at the collar, whereas women take the sides.

  • This is because men use the strongest part of their body: their arms. Women use their entire body.

7. Sit the way you feel comfortable.

Women cross their legs when sitting, and men mostly spread their legs. This can tell us 2 things:

  • First: Because of physiological differences in pelvis structure, men and women sit differently.
  • Second: Men's spread legs show dominance, and women's crossed legs are a signal of modesty.

8. Throw a ball.

Men throw heavy objects with one hand from behind the head. Women hold objects with both hands in front of them, using all their weight.

9. Cough.

When men cough, they cover their mouth with a fist. Women use the edge of their palm and slightly turn their head.

10. Yawn.

When men yawn, they open their mouth and use only one hand. Women, however, use 2 hands put together because their hands are smaller.

11. Fix your hair.

This is simple. Because men usually wear their hair short and back, they fix it with one hand. Women use both hands to fix every strand.

12. Choose the most attractive girl.

Mark: "It's hard, but I lean toward the 4th photo. I liked that the face is expressive and more beautiful than in the other photos. I also liked the neat makeup that outlines the girl's face."

Julia: "I like number 3. The hair is beautiful, and the figure and the face are very sexy. I don't like numbers 4 and 5 because they are very unnatural."

  • When men meet a woman, they notice her body and face. However, the most important part for them is her face: her lips, eyes, and smile. When women look at another woman, they see the bigger picture. They notice if her makeup matches her figure and clothes.

Bonus: Show approximately 15 cm.

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