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13 Celebrity Doppelgängers Who Can Confuse Even the Most Devoted Fans

Some people spend large sums of money to recreate a superstar’s look. However, there are people who don’t need to do anything because they already look like their favorite celebrities.

Bright Side created a set of astounding photos of celebrity look-alikes. Some of them look almost like twins!

Jacky Vasquez and Ariana Grande

April Gloria and Taylor Swift

Sofia Solares and Selena Gomez

Kami Osman and Kim Kardashian

Ty Jones and Ed Sheeran

Ellinor Hellborg and Adele

Johannes Laschet and Ryan Gosling

Francesca Brown and Katy Perry

Andele Lara and Rihanna

Brittany Williams and Beyoncé

Chelsea Marr and Angelina Jolie

Konrad Annerud and Leonardo DiCaprio

Megan Flockhart and Emma Watson

Could you tell a celebrity from their look-alike if you met them on the street? Do you know other people who look exactly like famous personalities? Share your photos in the comments.

Preview photo credit sur__b/instagram, beyonce/instagram
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