13 examples showing that there’s a place for kindness in the world

Hundreds of cities, high-speed highways, and millions of automobiles increasingly push against nature. And who suffers the most in these technological realities? Our four-legged brothers and sisters. But kindness has a unique ability: it can overcome any obstacle.

The Bright Side's team would love to share with you some examples of modern inventions that have been created exclusively for animals.

A bridge for forest creatures, Canada

This overpass on a busy highway was created to secure the wild animals' passage across the highway in Banff National Park.

Feeders for hummingbirds, Georgia, USA

Hummingbird feeders are designed red on purpose: it attracts birds to nectar. In this way, people treat the hummingbirds in Costa Rica, Georgia (USA), and other regions.

Turtle tunnels, Honshu Island, Japan

A special tunnel was built by The West Japan Railway Company for turtles in order to save them from train wheels.

Apartment complexes for birds in London parks

London Fieldworks embodied an artistic and environmental project by building unusual homes for birds. Thanks to the skillful hands of Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson, now we can see these great hotels for birds in London parks.

A tunnel for animals under the highway, Finland

Forest creatures can pass through this convenient tunnel under a high-speed highway at any time.

A vending machine that gives food to homeless animals

In the picture above you can see how the vending machine of Turkish company Pugedon successfully distributes food to homeless animals in China. By the way, to pour 20 g of animal feed, you need to insert 1 plastic bottle.

Airport for the birds, Vilnius

'Airport for the birds' is one of the signs that appeared in Vilnius during a project called TinyRoadSign. This project reminds people that they're not the only inhabitants of the city.

A bridge for crabs' migration, Australia

Here's one of the constructions created to support the unique migration of millions of red crabs on Christmas Island.

Crosswalk for hedgehogs, Lithuania

During an environmental project in Lithuania, a zebra crossing for hedgehogs was created - the best reminder to all drivers.

A swimming pool for elephants in a safari park, Japan

This is a 65-meter-long swimming pool, built specially for elephants in a safari park at the foot of Mount Fuji.

'Caboodle ranch,' USA

Caboodle Ranch was established on 40 acres by Craig Grant in 2003 in Florida. Among the miniature city halls, mills, and houses peacefully walk the rightful owners of this place - 500 happy cats.

Towpaths for ducks, UK

A charitable foundation called Canal & River Trust takes care of the inland waterways of England and Wales, and they created towpaths for ducks on the roads along the lakes. White separation lines and duck silhouettes remind people about caring for nature.

Dog 'parkings'

A German IKEA has these dog 'parkings' so that the owners don't have to leave their pets in cars.

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