13 Stylish Older Couples Who Look Way Cooler Than Hollywood Celebrities

Scrolling through the striking Instagram pictures that show ordinary men and women of elegant age looking positively stellar, we can safely conclude that the cult of youth is gradually losing its force. And this is great news because things like beauty and style have no relation whatsoever to the numbers on your birthday cake.

Today Bright Side would like to introduce you to some mature couples whose appearance gives us all hope that it's possible to stay attractive well into our golden years!

Bon and Pon (Japan)

Günther and Britt (Germany)

Nazare and Eduardo (Portugal)

Dolores and Allan (USA)

Meridy and Peter (Australia)

Bill and Eva (USA)

A married couple from Tokyo (Japan)

Valerie and Denton (USA)

Paul and Tutti (Australia)

Barbara and Wayne Chapman (USA)

A married couple enjoying a stroll

Mort and Virginia Linder (USA)

Karen and Greg (Great Britain)

Preview photo credit missweblet/instagram
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