13 Things in Your Behavior That Will Ruin Impressions About You Forever

We start forming our opinions about other people at the beginning of communications, and we very rarely change that opinion. Sometimes we try to make a good impression so hard that we make mistakes that undermine our image.

Bright Side found out what you should never do when you meet new people to raise the chances for further communication.

Social networks

  • A large number of photos that are not very different or interesting means that the person is selfish and narcissistic.
  • A closeup photo of the face (taken from less than 15 inches away) makes you look untrustworthy and incompetent.
  • A huge number of friends on the internet gives an impression of a person who is fixated on his or her popularity and is trying to look like a communicative and cheerful person. According to research, the most attractive people are those who have between 100 and 300 friends.


  • Attempting to hide your real emotions might signal that you have no interest in other people. You probably can't sympathize with their problems or support them.
  • If you express your emotions too much, other people may think that you are impulsive and hotheaded.


  • The best way to know somebody well is to share personal information such as childhood memories and hobbies. However, if you reveal confidential information about someone you know, you will look like an unreliable person and a gossip.
  • Talking too much about yourself with the pronoun "I" repels people. You seem to be more interested in yourself than in them. This also signals that you think you are smarter than they are.
  • When you are humblebragging, you repel people and become less attractive and less open.


  • Being too polite scares other people because they might suspect there is a hidden motive for such behavior.
  • Resentment and coldness won't help you win other people's trust. Behave as if the person likes you, and then the "anticipated acceptance" will work.
  • Mentioning that you've met or you know famous people might signal that you are trying to manipulate other people and that you think you are better than them.


  • A sincere smile instead of a fake one or a frown on your face raises the chances that the person will recognize you faster and better the next time you see them.
  • If it's more comfortable for you to maintain a closed posture, it's enough just to smile sincerely to win the person's trust. According to research, people who smile are accepted better despite their posture.
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