14 "Overheard" Stories Proving That Life Is Fun

Every day we live through a lot of events, funny and sad alike. There is even a special project that helps people share their stories anonymously.

Bright Side put together the funniest stories. We suggest you take a break and a dose of inspiration right now.

  • Looking straight at me, my dearly loved husband says, "So much fat, and yet so delicious!" After a minute of being completely nonplussed, I realize he is eating smoked fish. He only just escaped a slow and painful death.
  • My husband and I rarely drink alcohol, but one beautiful evening we suddenly felt like getting a bottle of Czech beer. Now the thing is, we always say "cola" instead of "beer" when we’re at home because our 6-year-old daughter associates beer with young delinquents loitering around in the area. So, while we’re drinking "cola," the telephone rings. Our daughter answers, "Hello, Grandma. We’re fine. Mom and Dad? They’re drinking beer pretending it’s cola." Oh well.
  • My grandmother received a new type of ID (a plastic card with a photo and information about the owner). Today she came home utterly dissatisfied and said that everyone laughed at her at the Service Center. Turns out my brother had told her that to show the ID, she is supposed to hold it in front of her face and say "Multipass."
  • I was really upset and crying, and my husband was wiping my tears. I thought it was so sweet of him. Then I went to have a look in the mirror...only to find out that he drew me a mustache with the mascara that ran down my face.
  • My wife was making tea in the kitchen while our dog and I were hanging around nearby. Suddenly she slipped on the floor and let an empty cup fall. I caught my wife; our dog caught the cup with his teeth. When I helped my wife regain her balance, our dog gave her the cup and extended his paw to me. I gave him a high five and we left, quite proud of ourselves.
  • My friend once lost her kitten in her own apartment. She looked everywhere: in the sofa, behind the sofa, in the bathroom – all to no avail. Then she felt hungry, opened the fridge...and saw the elusive feline, fast asleep on a saucepan.
  • I was going down in the elevator, and the taxi to take me to the airport was already waiting outside. Suddenly I realized that something was wrong with my shoes: I’d forgotten to put the insoles in. I quickly loaded the car with my things, rushed back, and took the slow elevator. The plan was to have enough time to grab the insoles from my apartment and come back while the elevator was still waiting for me. It was destroyed by a girl waiting for the elevator on my floor. When I asked her to wait for literally 15 seconds, she said yes with a kind of skittish smile. I hurried to get the insoles and heard the elevator close and leave. Cursing treacherous humanity, I went back and found her standing in the same place, despite the elevator being gone.
  • My boyfriend absolutely doesn’t know how to cook. One day we were talking about what he would do if he were left with a full fridge, a baby, and no communication with the outside world. After pondering for a while, he grabbed my hand convulsively, saying, "You can’t leave the baby! You can’t leave him with me before he can eat burgers!"
  • Today I realized that I’m a decent girl. When I was tumbling down the stairs in high heels, the only thing that escaped my mouth was an "ouch!"
  • On the day of our wedding, my fiancé (now husband) wrote on a sky lantern, "Save me. I don’t know her."
  • One day, when I was taking my son home from school, I saw one of his classmates breaking a cookie in two and giving half to him. The following day I told him, "If you’re a polite boy, this time you should give that girl a treat." I gave him some money to buy something and sent him to school. In the evening I asked him, "Did you give something to that girl?" "Yes. I gave her the money," was the answer.
  • For three days in a row now, my brother has taken my phone and set idiotic alarm tunes. Yesterday I woke up to "Macarena," the day before to Bieber’s "Baby," and today to Nickelback. I’m so fed up.
  • I was cooking dinner and found that I'd run out of onions. I asked my husband to go to the grocery store (3 minutes of walking distance from our house) to buy them. He comes back in 40 minutes and yells right from the doorway, "Honey, there were no onions. I bought dill!" I start laughing and he says, looking blankly at me, "Have I done something funny?"
  • I do archery. I once left my arrows in my grandparents’ garden. When I came back to get them a week later, they were gone. After much searching, I found them in the flowerbed used as stakes to support rosebushes. Grandma.
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