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14 People Who Absolutely Nailed Student Life

High school and college life can be tough — there are so many boring classes where you either fall asleep right at your desk or are really close to nodding off. Especially if you’ve found yourself in a situation where you went to 2 parties in a row the night before and then have to show up to class the next morning. In this case, all you can do is turn your creativity up to the maximum level.

At Bright Side we are excited to show you some students who were so bored in class, they ended up being awesome.

14. When you want to sleep, but still get a good grade:

13. When a really tall guy sits in front of you:

12. When you want to pass, but also want your favorite team to win:

11. When you need motivation to solve problems faster:

10. Really, what’s wrong with this school?

9. And then there’s this guy who makes breakfast in class.

8. “This guy in class is desperately trying to draw a picture of our teacher.”

7. When you’re in class, but you’re also in the middle of an argument:

6. “Caught one of my students ’reading’ in class.”

5. “It was freaking hot in class today, so this guy...”

4. Which stage are you in?

3. If you really need to stay awake in class, bring a coffee machine.

2. “This hero came to our programming class and blessed us with waffles, which he cooked at his desk.”

1. “Saw this guy in class today, and yes, that is cheese.”

Which picture made you laugh out loud and which one made you feel nostalgic about your own college life? Tell us in the comments below, and if you’ve encountered such awesomeness in your classes, share your pictures with us!

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