15 Celebrities Who Look So Similar to People in Old Photos, It’s Eerie

We believe that nearly everyone has always wanted to meet their twin. Unfortunately, the odds of this happening are not that high. Scientists claim that there is only a one in 135 chance that your exact doppelganger is currently living somewhere in the world. The likelihood of this happening could be higher if we don’t focus on the current times and look back in history.

Bright Side found 15 celebrities whose unexpected twins puzzled us. And it gets crazier and crazier with every new picture.

1. Harold Innis and Eminem, “Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?”

2. “This is my friend at age 13.” Is it us or does she look like the sister of Natalie Portman?

3. Fidel Castro and James Franco show that it is time to start believing in reincarnation.

4. Rose Lane and Maggie Gyllenhaal look so much alike.

5. It seems that Friends could’ve been filmed in the 19th century with John Breckinridge instead of Matthew Perry.

6. Paul Walker looks like the son of John Steinbeck.

7. “My mother around 1970.” We think she could replace Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast.

8. Both Joseph Stalin and Sergio Ramos managed to become leaders.

9. Ginger Rogers and Christina Aguilera devoted their lives to singing, dancing, and filming.

10. Maybe John Mitchel wanted to become an actor during his life and Tom Hiddleston did it later, who knows?

11. “My mother looks like lady Di.” And it is jaw-dropping!

12. We get shivers up our spines when looking at Zubaida Tharwat and Jennifer Lawrence.

13. Jesse Pomeroy was a serial killer and Robbie Williams can also pierce hearts with his look.

14. This is a painting in a museum in Spain, but Michael Cera is the only one we are able to see here.

15. Ilya Mechnikov studied immunity and Robin Williams improved it with laughter.

Which of these historical lookalikes resemble each other the most? Send this article to a friend who is still sure that coincidences do not exist.

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