15 Designer Fails Where We All Want to Cry, “Why?“

Sometimes the designing of buildings and public spaces goes wrong. We at Bright Side made a list of such failures. If you happen to notice such inconsistencies in design, do share with us in the comments!

A chimney and a fireplace idea at a whole new level:

Our bank's clients are all gigantic...cashcats.

I do not remember this column being here last time.

A new way to strike up a conversation?

At least my hands will definitely be clean.

This way they won't miss the train.

Genuine question: Where did the wall come from?

The second one is for Romeo to sleep on.

There must be some story behind this.

Safety first!

This bank does not discriminate.

They had one job to do.

Did they have a model before they built it?

A dancing window? Or a sad window?

When the wall met the toilet:

Preview photo credit AceCooper/Imgur, Imgur
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