12 Epic Examples of Clothing Creativity Where You Don’t Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

Nowadays a lot of people try to stand out from the crowd by wearing original clothes. And sometimes it's hard to understand where the line is between a really inventive outfit and a disastrous one.

Bright Side gathered the most hilarious examples of clothing creativity that turned out to be complete failures.

When you are not sure exactly where your hair ends:

Even the most powerful men love cute kittens.

They say oversize is popular nowadays.

Really, what are these pockets for? Men?

My brother refuses to wear actual clothes at home.

She can be sure that her bottom is in the right hands.

When you are the most elegant man in the neighborhood:

Like grandmother, like grandson.

That old clothes feeling after you've lost weight.

Ripped jeans? Pah! Ripped shirts? That's an actual trend!

It seems that he put on his sister's clothes this morning.

This is how Britney's true fans should look.

Have you or your friends ever worn such inventive pieces of clothing? Share your hilarious pics in the comments!

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