15 Everyday Situations That Could Make Anybody’s Day Just a Little Bit Brighter

If you watch TV or read the newspaper, you know that very often, the media is full of bad news happening all over the world. Sure, that works, as it grabs our attention very quickly. However, just as bad things happen, there are thousands of positive events in the world that deserve to be recognized as well. And you don’t have to go too far to find them — perhaps it’s just a matter of looking around.

We at Bright Side are fans of good news and prepared this list of people who decided to share with the world those everyday moments that bring smiles to our faces.

1. “The first number on my scale has been a 2 for the past 21 years, but not today.”

2. “Today is the day this little lady becomes my daughter. Happy adoption day!!!”

3. “After 70 years of neglect, my dad decided to start taking care of himself. He’s lost 75 lb this year and I’ve never been prouder of him.”

4. “After not seeing my grandparents for months, they finally figured out how ’to work FaceTime.’ This was my grandpa’s face when he saw me.”

5. “I’m proud of the progress I’ve made to be healthier (2018/2020).”

6. “I made pizza for the first time on my own today! It may not seem like much but I couldn’t even eat or have the energy to make anything, and look at me now!! Making pizza! I’m very happy with myself.”

7. “This literally made me smile.”

“The bearded guy who usually sits here of late is working this morning. First job since losing everything :) Many thanks to those who helped and/or smiled!”

8. “Today my wife is officially under 200 lb and I was finally able to do a chin-up for the first time in my life.”

9. “My girlfriend surprised me with this bear, similar to the one I lost when I was 13. Now I’m a 23-year-old male with a teddy bear and have no shame! I’m so grateful for my girlfriend!”

10. “This is my change after about 13 months! Down 50 pounds!”

11. “I deliver for Amazon part-time. Final stop last night and this woman comes out, saying, ’Wait! I have something for you! I made baby Yoda cookies.’”

12. “Every holiday season, my dad displays this Santa I made in elementary school. I’m 45.”

13. “This was the exact moment I was told I passed my dissertation defense and earned the title, Doctor. Haven’t had much to smile about this year, but this one did it for me.”

14. “When I was born, the doctors told my parents that I wouldn’t live past the first year due to a heart condition. Today I turned 27 — here is a picture of me with my best buddy.”

15. “Despite working full time and taking AP courses, my 17-year-old son made me a birthday cake. I think I did something right with this one! 😀”

What are the everyday situations that bring a smile to your face? Share them with us in the comments!

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