15 famous people and their exact copies from other centuries

There's a rumor that every person in the world has a lookalike. We can't check all the people on the planet to prove it, but when we see the striking resemblance of some celebs and historical figures, we can't help but think in what century our lookalikes might have lived.

At Bright Side, we selected some photos of famous people and historical figures who look exactly like each other.

The 13th President of the United States Millard Fillmore and actor Alec Baldwin

Scottish painter Sir David Wilkie and actress Scarlett Johansson

Roman Emperor Severus Alexander and rapper Eminem

Court jester Sebastián de Morra and actor Peter Dinklage

King of Spain Philip IV and co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Actresses Lily Elsie and Kate Winslet

The 17th President of the United States Andrew Johnson and actor Tommy Lee Jones

Actors Paul Mounet and Keanu Reeves

Actress Ginger Rogers and singer Christina Aguilera

Philosopher John Locke and actor Adrien Brody

Silversmith Paul Revere and actor Jack Black

English naturalist Charles Darwin and stand-up comedian George Carlin

Actors Lee J. Cobb and Jason Segel

Dr. Andrew Sanders and actor Matthew McConaughey

Actors Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree and Tom Hiddleston

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