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12 "Overheard" Stories That Can’t Be Ignored

12 "Overheard" Stories That Can’t Be Ignored


We at Bright Side delight in stories of love, good humor, acts of kindness - everything that brings people happiness! We think that such stories need to be shared as much as possible.

So that's why we put together these 12 wonderful little stories. They are all so heartwarming that you just can't resist sharing them.

  • I'm the happiest daughter in the world. My parents are always up to something amusing that shows how much they love each other. For example, when my mom gets up at night to go to the toilet or get a drink, my dad will jump up, quickly dump a load of books or magazines under her pillow, put the cat on top, and cover everything over with the duvet. And he lies there pretending he's been sound asleep the whole time. Mom comes back in the room, sees he's put something on her side of the bed, and shrieks, "I'm going to kill you!" She pulls the duvet off and throws a pillow at him. She'll be mad at him for a few minutes, but then they kiss and go to bed. My mom is 50, my dad 55. Whoever said that you have to grow up when you reach middle age?
  • My cat saved my life. I was running a bath, and he was sitting slumbering in the sink. When I realized that the water was getting a little cold, I stood up and turned on the hot water tap. I slipped and fell. I woke up thanks to someone hitting my face. It turns out that I'd been knocked out and almost drowned, but my little kitty had started meowing and hitting my face with his paws to wake me up.
  • My daughter is four years old, and she loves walking around town. She particularly enjoys listening to street musicians and giving them some change. Recently, we saw some people playing drums in the street. My daughter danced with them for 20 minutes, then gave them all the coins we had. She also handed out sweets to them. The guys playing were touched.
  • I left home to go study in a place 2,000 km away. I talk to my mom regularly on Skype. One time I saw what looked like a child crying in the background. It turns out that it was my dad pretending to be a seal to annoy us and stop me from missing him so much.
  • One evening, I was at the train station buying a ticket to get home. I had just enough coins in my purse to afford it. Then the machine ate some of my money without counting it, and I started frantically searching my pockets for that last vital few cents. I finally said to myself out loud, exasperated, "Damn, where am I going to find a dollar right now?" I heard a voice behind me. "Big brother can help you." I turned around, and there was a homeless guy stretching out his arm with the money. And people say there's no such thing as everyday acts of kindness!
  • I can't stand my husband's soup. But when he makes it, I always eat it in silence with a smile on my face. Once, I came home from work and found him making it. I saw how he had such a sweet little look on his face as he carefully cut a carrot into heart-shaped slices for my dinner. True, his soup is terrible. But it's made with so much love.
  • My mom gave me some seeds to grow and said when the first flowers start to bloom, I'll meet my fate. Yesterday, the first flower opened, and my cat promptly ate it. I'm not sure what to think now...
  • In 2009, we adopted a little boy from an orphanage. He was three and a half years old. At the orphanage, they didn't ever give the kids anything sweet to eat, and so he had no idea what candy tasted like. One day we were in the supermarket, and I gave him the basket and said, "Take what you want. I'll buy you everything you ask for." In the end, all we took was a packet of tea and a Kinder Suprise. He said that's all he needed. Since then he's always asking me for a little extra pocket money. He goes and buys himself a modest amount of treats from the store and brings it all home. I keep encouraging him to eat them himself, but it's useless. He says he ought to share everything he has.
  • For Halloween, we managed to convince one of my friends to go with us to a bar. She's very shy and doesn't like to socialize much, and she had completely no interest in thinking up a Halloween costume. But in the end she came. All she did was put on a dressing gown, put curlers in her hair, wore some fluffy slippers, and carried a teddy bear. But for some reason her originality seemed to impress everyone more than the usual costumes, and she became the star of the evening. Everyone wanted their photograph taken with her.
  • When I went to university, I had to commute there every day by train and then on the subway because I lived out of town. From the very first day, I caught the eye of a young man traveling the same route. For some reason we always appeared to be subtly racing each other when we had to make the change from train to subway. We stole furtive glances at each other all the time. For the first year, he always outran me and would then check to see if I would make it to the subway car on time as he reached the platform. I spent that summer trying to train myself to move faster. Winter and the new semester came, and I couldn't restrain myself any longer - I decided we should get acquainted. As usual, he shot out of the train like a bullet, but I didn't give up, and I ran forward and pulled his hat off his head, running past him as fast as I could. He bellowed at me, "Give me my hat back, it's cold and I'm bald!" I doubled over laughing, slipped, and hit the ground, breaking my nose. He then slipped as well, the fool, and broke his arm... That's how I met my husband.
  • We've nicknamed my dog "Father Theresa" because he can't pass by any of his furry companions when they need help. It all began one winter when he ran away out into the country and ended up bringing back four frozen puppies together with their mother. Then he began to rescue stray cats. In fact, one of his favorite activities is to pull stray animals off the street and into our home. He always licks them clean; I think he would breastfeed them if he could. Then it falls to me to feed the strays and find them a new home. Who'd have thought an animal could do so much good in the world? I'm so proud of him!
  • I've been married for five years, but I've yet to work up the courage to tell my wife that I was the person who spent two whole years arguing with her on an online forum about Harry Potter. I'm afraid she'll give me a beating.
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