15 People Who Learned the Hard Way Not to Follow Advice on the Internet

The internet is a great place to get new and innovative advice. The much appreciated lifehacks not only show creative ways to tackle common problems but also the lengths to which people sometimes go to look original. This pursuit sometimes leads to hilarious situations that are not only amusing, but can also act as warnings to anyone itching to take the risk.

Bright Side collected for you some life hacks that went totally wrong. These life hacks will not save your day, but they sure will put a smile on your face.

This guy was unfortunate enough to believe an egg could be boiled in a microwave

This is what happens when you don’t do your Physics homework.

Resourcefulness at its finest

When you’ve spent all your money to buy a $100k car and have nothing left to replace a broken window wiper.

This is dying to be patented

Well, only if the seat hasn’t already been used for its original purpose.

When you treat your phone like your utensil

The next step after washing would be drying it in the sunlight.

Magnifying the phone screen by putting it in a glass of water

It would also prevent the phone from over-heating and overworking.

Designer footwear

Pair it with a dress made out of leaves and you are ready for walking on the ramp.

Universal remote

This guy put greatest innovators of the world to shame.

Cutting the sleeves of your jacket to convert it to a gilet

The sleeves can be conveniently used as a handkerchief.

Mashing potatoes with a tennis racket

A bakery in London paid the price of following this advice on the internet by paying a fine of £150,000.

Using adhesive tape to repair water leaks

Unless you want to get wet, repairing a leak using adhesive tape is not a good idea.

Wearing spikes to get personal space in a crowded subway

It’s better not to look like a porcupine in the subway.

Seatbelt beer bottle opener

Drink beer and go to prison.

Applying toothpaste to bread

The urge to get to work on time is the father of innovation.

Using nose ring as a key-ring

Just think of all the things you can never lose again!

Putting screw-drivers into the tire to avoid your car from skidding

The ultimate way to destroy your tires.

Have you ever tried a less-than-wise internet hack? Share your story in the comments!

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