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15 Stories Proving the World Is Full of Kindness That We Just Don’t Always Notice

Sometimes, it feels like everything is just falling apart and the entire world has turned against you. You go online and it makes things worse: the world is violent, cruel, and people don’t care. And every time you lose faith in kindness, something really good happens. It may be a passer-by that gives you back the wallet you dropped, a neighbor that saves a homeless kitten, or a smile from someone you love.

We at Bright Side believe that kindness will save the world. And we have proof — stories from people that know for a fact that the world still has a lot of kindness in it.

  • When my wife and I were in the process of buying an apartment, I only slept like 4 hours a day. I walked around on autopilot. One morning, I was carrying around a purchase contract and... left it on the bus. Once I realized what happened, I started searching for the bus I was on, but I was unsuccessful. So, I went back home in a terrible mood and when I approached the door, I saw the folder the contract was in, but the folder was empty. I open the door and see the contract on the floor. Someone put it under the door so that nobody would steal it. Some kind person made it all the way to here and found the right apartment, even though the door didn’t have the number. I was so happy that day! This person restored my faith in humanity. © Kinvrig / Pikabu
  • When I was about 8, I had to walk home from school because no one was available to pick me up. It was cold that day, but I didn’t anticipate that is was going to rain. I began to walk, and it began to drizzle. Just a few drops, but then the rain got harder and harder, until it was pouring outside. I wasn’t even halfway home when a woman in a truck offered to give me a ride. Not in a weird way, but I was taught stranger equals danger and planned to decline and start running if she persisted. She asked me if I was absolutely sure, and I said yes. She then pulled out a big flowery umbrella and held it out to me. “Stay dry, sweetheart,” she said, and drove off after I took it from her hands. I stood there stunned for a few seconds and then continued the walk with the lady’s umbrella over my head and a smile on my face. I still have the umbrella, it has served me well for a long 7 years. I hope she’s out there still doing good in the world and going strong. © LifeAndDeath69 / reddit
  • My mom got hit by a car and became disabled. One day, we were watching TV and there was an ad about the protection of tigers. She said, “God, I wish I could pet a tiger!” I had an idea — what if I texted some shelter? I described the situation and my mother’s dream. 5 minutes later, I got a reply — “Come tomorrow. Let’s help and make your mother’s dream true.” My mom was incredibly happy. We still remember that magical day. I still believe there are good people in this world. © ortustella / Pikabu
  • Some guy that looked pretty clean and decent started to appear near my building entrance. Nobody made him leave, he didn’t cause any trouble, and even helped people with some small tasks. And one day, we started talking. His name was Mike, and he had lost his apartment and his papers. So I found my old phone, registered a SIM-card, gave it to him, and helped him with his papers. But at some point, he just disappeared. And yesterday, I was finally able to see Mike. He had kept my number and I met him at his small rented apartment. He makes good money now and I feel great when I think that I gave this guy a chance. I think this is the start of a really good friendship. © zloybublik / Pikabu

  • When I was 3 years old, I got lost. Some girl took me to a police station. While she was waiting for my parents to come, she started talking to an officer. As I found out much later, they fell in love with each other and got married soon after. And I know this because my boyfriend, who is 4 years younger than me, told this story to me when he introduced me to his parents. This is how I helped my boyfriend get born. © Overheard / vk

  • I work for a moving company. At a job I had yesterday, we were moving a single mother and her 4-year-old son from an apartment, into the mothers’ parents’ house. When we pack things the first time we have to document damages on the items previous to packing them in the truck. So at this job, the mom and their grandma (who wasn’t there when we were packing) were bickering about damages, all of which we had documented. This led to them being difficult during the whole process, because it slowed us down, so they had to pay more (our company charges by the hour and we had another job to do that day, so we wanted to get this job done). Then they complained about that too. At the end, when my co-worker and I were cleaning up, the 4-year-old came up to me and said: “I think you did a good job, but my mommy doesn’t, sorry. But you can have this penny, I found it in my new room!” Then he hugged my leg and ran away. It wasn’t much but that little act made my whole day, and I’m still happy about it now. © RedHaze54 / reddit

She crocheted all of these hats for a local shelter! It’s absolutely incredible!

  • My wife takes out bags with our kids’ old clothes and says, "There is a guy, his wife died and he has a daughter who is 5 years old. She runs around and she is very active. But she doesn’t know what to do, so she has started throwing rocks at our dogs. I talked to her, gave her tea with sweets, and I asked her to not hurt the dogs.
    Later that day, my wife, all happy says, “Jake, I gave her the clothes and the toys. You should have seen her eyes! She said thank you like 10 times. Then she ran away, she took a shower, put on the new clothes, and came over to show off. She came up to me and whispered, ‘Thank you, I promise I will not hurt the dogs again.’ And later, her father came and brought us a bag of dog food. He told me that if I ever needed anything, I could ask him.” © cma4000 / Pikabu

  • I came home late at night one night and as I was going upstairs, I heard some sounds under the porch. I didn’t pay much attention and went inside. On the next day, when I came home after work, I heard the same sounds. I looked under the porch and saw and small kitten whose paws had frozen to the ice. I ran home to get some warm water and freed the poor animal. He still can’t walk well, but he eats a lot and takes pills. © Overheard / vk

  • My daughter worked at a hotel in Turkey where some guests came to stay with a small child. The people were nice and the child had a favorite toy — an owl. He always carried the owl with him. After their vacation, they left and forgot the toy in their hotel room. Several days later, they called and asked if we could send the toy to them, because the kid wouldn’t sleep or eat without it. My daughter made up a story about the owl: she said the owl wanted to stay in the hotel for a little longer, that he’d be back soon, and that he promises to send pictures every day. She took a few pictures and sent them to the boy while the owl was on its way. © akrilik78 / Pikabu
  • I was 21 when my father died, my girlfriend dumped me, and I failed out of college. I was really depressed. My life was turning into a nightmare. So I decided to hop into my car and drive. And drive. And drive. After a couple of days, I was at a Waffle House somewhere outside of Atlanta. It was 3 AM and I was the only customer. A guy walked in and sat right next to me. I thought it was odd, because there were so many open seats. We got to talking and somehow I opened up to this guy about my life and all of my struggles. He listened and he cared. He told me to go back home, because running away from my problems was not the right answer. We hugged, I cried. 8 years later, I have an MS degree in Materials Science and work in an awesome field at a job that I love. I have a new girlfriend and a new outlook on life. It’s not perfect by any means, but I attribute all of my success to this stranger who listened to me in a Waffle House outside of Atlanta. © bondsman333 / reddit

  • I was 17 years old and, in 2 weeks, my prom was going to happen. And my parents only had enough money for a simple sundress. My mom and I decided to go window-shopping at different wedding shops. In one of them, they brought me a very beautiful dress that had a broken zipper. I put it on and then the employees saw how good it looked on me and... just gave it to me! It was a miracle! These people gave me a dream! I felt I was the most beautiful girl, like Cinderella. © Overheard / vk

  • Everyone just calls him Terry. For 15 years, he’s worked as a bus driver. We met each other many years ago. At the time, my husband, who is disabled, and I were on our way back from the hospital. He needed to continue his treatment, so we had to go to town several times a week. Terry would pick us up right from our house, and when we arrived in town, he would drive another several blocks just to get us to the hospital. And then he’d do the same on the way back. © mamakerova / Pikabu

“He helped me a lot.”

  • When I was 10 years old, there was a man that lived in my apartment building. He didn’t do anything wrong, but I still didn’t really feel good about him. Everything about him irritated me, especially his mustache. When I saw him, I thought that if I were a director, I would definitely cast him as the bad guy. And then, I saw him walking his dog and everything changed. It was a regular dog, but it didn’t have a joint on one of its paws. He was so caring and loving with this dog. It wasn’t until later that I found out that he’d found the puppy when he was lost, dirty, and sick, and the vet clinic couldn’t save its paw. And then I thought that this kind of person can’t be bad. So, if I were a director, (now that I know the real story) he would be a pilot or some other hero. © Sibirskix / Pikabu
  • When I hit almost no money as a student, I went to do shopping with the little money I had left in my account. Turns out my phone bill had come out of my account and I was flat broke. I had to leave all the stuff at the cashier while I went outside to figure out if I could borrow money from someone. This absolutely amazing, amazing woman comes out and said she saw the whole thing and that she has a son who’s a student who gets into similar situations and she gave me a hug and forced some money in my pocket. I was too flabbergasted to say anything then, but lady, if you’re reading this, you really changed my opinion about people in general and made sure I ate for the first time in a week. Thank you kind stranger. I hope life rewards you. © Ageati / reddit

  • When my husband and I were still a young couple, we were quite poor. One night in December, someone left us of a box full of gifts, gifts for our baby, gift cards for us, $400 cash, and some other stuff. We literally cried. © otherm0ther / reddit

Have you ever had a situation in your life where someone you didn’t know at all did something good for you?

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