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15 Times Celebrities Donned Mass-Market Clothes on the Red Carpet and Looked Fabulous

It may seem like the red carpet looks of celebrities are exclusive and cost a fortune, but this is not always true. Some of the outfits we see on celebrities are bought from popular clothing stores, and they are not that expensive. Turns out, Natalie Portman, Beyoncé, Amanda Seyfried, Sandra Bullock, and many other famous women like buying from our favorite shops too, and they look gorgeous in their mass-market finds.


We at Bright Side got inspired by these 15 affordable red carpet looks from celebrity women, and we are ready to do some spring shopping. How about you?

Ginnifer Goodwin: a voluminous ruffled skirt dress by H&M

Olivia Palermo: a short floral dress by Zara


Kristin Davis: a yellowish green dress by H&M

Selena Gomez: a gray one-shoulder dress by Forever 21

Amanda Seyfried: a blue shorts-and-blazer suit by H&M


Emily Ratajkowski: a red one-shoulder dress by Zara

Beyoncé: a black sequin dress by Topshop

Logan Browning: a bright yellow blazer by ASOS worn as a dress


Olivia Palermo: an off-the-shoulder dress with a frill and big buttons by Banana Republic

Kate Middleton: a polka dot dress by ASOS

Amanda Seyfried: a floor-length black lace gown by H&M


Michelle Williams: a classic red carpet look by H&M

Sandra Bullock: a black leather skirt by ASOS

Bryce Dallas Howard: a floor-length yellow gown by Topshop

Natalie Portman: a black maternity dress by Topshop

What is your favorite clothing brand and why?