16 Pictures Proving That Celebrities Are Just Like Us

It seems that celebrities can afford whatever they want. In fact, many of them tend to lead an ordinary life: gardening on the weekends, baking pies, and giving their children haircuts with ordinary hair clippers.

Bright Side collected a few photos that prove our lives are more similar to the lives of celebrities than we realized.

Iron Arnie giving his son a haircut

It seems that Arnold Schwarzenegger likes being a hairdresser for his son Patrick. Together with his sons, Arnold rides bicycles around the world and enjoys his beer at Oktoberfest while wearing a national costume.

Shakira painting her nails during a break

There is a box with a whole collection of nail polishes on the table. Shakira is famous for her workaholism. When she records her songs she literally lives at work. During her breaks, she dances hip-hop while waiting in the shopping line.

Lady Gaga's dog sleeping in inappropriate places

Koji is one of Lady Gaga's 3 French bulldogs. One of them even has her own Instagram blog. The singer likes to spoil her pets. They don't need all those gifts as long as they can sleep on their owner's bed surrounded by comfy cushions.

Gisele Bündchen showing off her plants

Gisele Bündchen and her husband, Tom Brady, keep their figures trim. Specialists developed a particular diet based on organic products for this couple. The model grows some of them herself with pleasure.

Wonder Woman relaxing with coloring

The actress Gal Gadot gets rid of stress in short breaks between difficult shooting and in her personal life by coloring, walking in the open, laughing, and playing music.

Liv Tyler is not embarrassed about being an ordinary mother

The actress has 3 little kids. She spends a lot of time with them, leaving hardly any time for new projects. In her Instagram blog there is even a photo of Steven Tyler bottle-feeding his grandkids.

Liz Hurley saves money on gardeners

This famous actress admires her garden. Here she practices yoga, barbecues, and walks her dogs. In her interviews, she always stresses that living out of the city is what gives her energy and good looks.

Cameron Diaz gets together with friends in her kitchen

Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore became friends even before filming Charlie's Angels. After that, Reese Witherspoon (who is not embarrassed about looking awkward) joined their company. The girls spend time together with pleasure.

Ed Sheeran makes a few extra pennies taking part in crowd shots

Maisie Williams, who is a big fan of the British musician, talked him into taking part in this episode. His next role is going to be in the legendary TV show The Simpsons.

Ann Hathaway blushes to death before performing

Nevertheless, she is always happy to give support to others. She inspires people with her own example: she cuts up old jeans to make shorts, takes part in social projects, and is never embarrassed about making fun of herself.

Lucy Liu paints pictures for herself and her friends

Lucy Liu is a very beautiful and active woman who has time for everything: seeing exhibitions with her baby in a kangaroo sling, working on film sets, and demonstrating perfect flexibility at a live show.

Tom Hanks takes pictures with other people's cars

Tom Hanks takes pictures with other people's cars, joking that they are his. He takes pictures of gloves on the ground and tells everyone how cool it is to use typewriters, with which he still types all his works.

Doutzen Kroes weeds her flower beds at the weekend

The supermodel Doutzen Kroes spends a lot of time with her family and is not embarrassed to share her daily life: how fun it is to sip a glass of wine after she puts the kids to bed or to stay home by herself on Saturday evenings.

Chris Pratt and the fish of his dreams

This famous Hollywood actor goes fishing with his son at the weekend, spends thousands of dollars on rods and bait, steals facial masks from his wife, Anna Faris, and goofs on his colleagues.

Helen Mirren caught a half-empty bus

The charming Helen Mirren likes sharing remarkable moments of her life: getting a doctoral degree, falling in love with Italian towns, or meeting Santa's elves on a bus.

Drew Barrymore never skips yoga classes

Cheerful Drew Barrymore spends a lot of time with her kids and family: she throws pool parties, loves arts and crafts, and even cooks banana bread before the bananas are good for nothing.

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